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Silent Hill Homecoming Tips

Updated on November 6, 2010

Silent Hill Homecoming is a survival horror game, so this game will not give you many supplies on your journey. Games like Resident Evil 5 give much more ammo than in this game. Since this is a survival horror game, most ammo will be scarce. Many times, you will have to run or defend yourself with melee weapons. Most silent hill games don't offer you a whole lot of ammo, but this game is even more scarce with ammo, as well as healing supplies. This game is not a shooter. Yes, it does have shooting elements in it, but there other alternatives that you must use. These include weapons like the axe, steel pipe, and other close range weapons.

This hub will outline some tips to make it through the game. This is a psychological horror, so many twists and turns will happen. Always be prepared cause in this game. You never know what's around the corner or what's going to happen.

Ammo & Medical Items

Don't waste ammo on enemies that can be defeated with melee fairly easy. Dogs can be taken out with a steel pipe or other weapon fairly easy. Use melee weapons on any creature that can be taken down relatively easy in close range

Always search rooms and locations thoroughly. There will not be much ammo in this game, so finding every bit is important. Look for med kits and health drinks as well. Look on objects such as tables and the corners of every room. These can also be found outside in the town.

Save your medical supplies as long as possible. Since these are scarce, don't overuse them. Try to conserve your health in battle. (If you have low health, and have no supplies, and are killed...the game will load a checkpoint giving you some health back so its fair)


Silent Hill Monsters

Defeating Smogs

Avoid melee attacks on smogs if possible.Smogs are very difficult to take out with melee. There smoke will cause you to cough and they can also knock you on the ground.

Use a pistol on the smog. Aim for there lungs. When you get close enough the smog expands its lungs. This is your chance to hurt it badly. Shooting it anywhere else will be significantly harder to kill it.

Dealing with Nurses

Knives are the most effective melee weapon against nurses. Using a slower weapon may leave you open for a furry of stabs by the nurse. The knife is fastest for eliminating nurses, and most safest

Sometimes leaving the flash lights off can cause the nurses to freeze. This will allow you to take out the nurse while there not moving. This does not always work though. This can be a good strategy for taking out multiple nurses.

The pistol can also be effective, but use it conservatively to avoid running out of ammo. Always aim for the head on the nurse. It should only take a few shots this way.

Killing Lurkers

Lurkers are best defeated with melee weapons. Be careful though, even if you chop there head off, they can still use their claws to swipe at you for a while

In some cases, avoid lurkers that are in the water. Just run through the water without fighting them. If you absolutely have to fight them, then use a melee weapon, and be careful cause they hide well underwater.

The axe is a good melee weapon to use against lurkers. Strong attacks are devastating while fast attacks are not as effective. Strong attacks can chop there heads off. These creatures are not to hard to kill on land. More dangerous when in water.

===Remember, every enemy has its weaknesses and strengths. Nurses are fairly slow, but can unleash a furry of knife attacks at times. Watch your enemies closely and exploit there weaknesses. ===


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