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Silent Hill Homecoming tips Part 2

Updated on November 6, 2010

This is the beginning of part 2 of silent hill homecoming tips. This will explain how to deal with more monsters. Some monsters in the game are better to fight with guns, while others are better to fight with melee weapons .

Dealing with Needlers

Needlers are relentless creatures. You probably won't be able to run from these creatures. They will follow you as they are quite fast. (unless you climb into another area)

The knife is the best weapon to use against the needlers usually. The needlers often block attacks so you'll want to get as many quick hits on them as possible.

Your going to have to dodge some of their attacks. You can get away with killing some enemies without dodging, but you won't be able to with these. Dodge their attacks and counter with a melee weapon. This will put them down faster and save you health. Also be careful for their attacks when they retreat to the ceilings! They will jump off and hurt you if your not careful.

Killing Schisms

These creatures are fairly slow, but are powerful. Shotguns are the most effective against them, if you have ammo. Get close as possible with the shotgun for maximum damage

When fighting with melee weapons, be prepared to dodge attack. These are another enemy that can do a lot of damage to you because there strong physically in defense and offense.



Fighting Siams

Siams are probably the toughest non-boss creature that you will encounter in silent hill homecoming. There won't be many of them, but they are powerful.

Avoid fighting with melee weapons if possible. Use a shotgun or a pistol to dispose of these. A pistol may be safer though because you can stay farther away. The shotgun on the other hand is more powerful. Just be careful not to get knocked down when using the shotgun.

If you have no ammo, and have to fight with melee weapons, evade as many attacks as possible.The female side is weaker than the male side. Look for chances to attack the female side with heavy attacks.

Ammo vs melee weapons

Siams are easy to kill with guns, but difficult to kill with melee weapons. Avoid fighting them close range if you do have ammo. This is why saving ammo is important in silent hill homecoming. Enemies such as dogs, lurkers, and needlers should usually be killed with melee weapons. Nurses can be killed with melee, but head shots can kill them easy. Sometimes its necessary to use a pistol on a nurses when there are a lot of them.

When confused on what to do in Silent hill Homecoming

Look at your map if your lost. The map also often indicates objectives on it. Sometimes maps have to be found for interior buildings.

Silent Hill often requires you to find certain items. Always search rooms for items that may be needed to progress in the game.

Sometimes walls will give clues on what to do. Silent Hill has various puzzles that need to be solved sometimes. Writing on the walls can often give clues on what to do.


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