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Silk Scarves for Fancy Dress

Updated on August 25, 2015

The idea of attending a fancy dress party appeals to most everyone. The problem is, however, deciding what character to adopt and what to wear. Add to this the cost of renting an outfit and the fun may fade quickly. Yet, if you look in your closet, you can take those lovely silk scarves and combine them with a few other odds and ends, turning them into a marvellous fancy dress costume

The Gypsy Look

If you want to appear at the party as a Gypsy, it is a simple. All you need is four necessary clothing and accessories. Locate from within your wardrobe or drawers a plain short-sleeved or sleeveless blouse. If possible, opt for one that you can wear off the shoulders. Next, select a wide skirt. If it is too narrow, simply add a large old-fashioned crinoline. Look to see if you have a silk scarf. If it is small and square, simply bend it into a triangular shape before tying it, bandana-like.  Alternatively, if the piece of smooth colorful silk is lengthy and slender, fold it or roll it before you place it tightly across your forehead and to the back of the head. . You can let the ends swing loosely at the side or back of your neck. For the finishing touches, wear a pair of large hooped earrings.

The Pirate Look

Like the Gypsy look, you can recreate a pirate costume from an existing wardrobe. The pirate look offers you the chance to try out or select one from several optional styles. Dig out of your or your partner’s wardrobe, a pair of cut off black pants. Alternatively, pick a pair of dark-colored leggings or tights and a flared red or black skirt. As a top, select any of the following:

  • A simple red, black or white top
  • A striped T-shirt in red, black or white
  • A flared and/or off-the-shoulder blouse
  • A sexy black, red or even white bustier

Once you have selected your top, find a pair of tall, knee-high black, brown or, rarely, red boots. For the crowning touch, tie a colourful silk scarf in a style similar to that of the Gypsy look or roll it into a cylindrical shape and tie firmly around your forehead. Top this all off with an eye-patch, perhaps a fake parrot and, of course, a plastic, tin-foil or even metal cutlass.

The Hawaiian Lady Look

The easiest of looks to recreate is that of a Hawaiian lady. All you need are a pair of flip-flops or thongs, a real or fake flower (perhaps a lei) and a magnificent, brightly-hued silk scarf. To create this costume, take the long piece of silk fabric. You then can do one of two things:

  • drape the lengthy silk material about the body just over the bust then tie it to one side or
  • position the material behind your back carefully placing the two highest corners to the front, before winding these two corners around each other a couple of times making sure the fabric lies snug against the body before tying the corners at the nape of the neck.

To complete the look, place a flower, traditionally a hibiscus, behind your ear. Alternatively, you can use several flowers to create a lei. This is symbolic of the famed aloha spirit and you can fashion it by stringing several actual flowers together using a slender piece of thread or a fishing line. You can also create your own flowers using crepe paper.

So you have it. Three amazing costumes for a fancy dress party all for the cost of a solitary silk scarf!

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