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Silly Bandz Review

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“These are the hottest in the toy world, and stores have trouble on the shelves!”

“These Silly Bandz are so sturdy and fun for my kids”

“My daughter loved them so much, she gave them away in goodie bags on her birthday!

"They are a big hit for everyone."

“These are the real and original ones. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the low-priced fake ones. The quality is not the same at all!”

“My grandchildren love picking them out and they always tell me their stories about trading them with friends!”

"These make great Christmas presents for the kids. They are inexpensive and fun to play with."

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Want a wacky and cool new way for your kids to have fun and look fashionable? And better yet, you want to get them something that’s small, transportable, and almost impossible to lose? Then get them a pack of Silly Bandz, the crazy new fad that everyone is talking about! Your kids will love trading them with friends. Other companies may have imitations, but they are not the real thing! They are easily broken, and none are as durable as Silly Bandz, which are the original. The bands also come in dozens of different colors, and some can even glow in the dark!

The bands are die molded out of silicone in order to make them flexible and comfortable to wear. At first glance, the Bandz appear to be normal bracelets. But Silly Bandz have the unique ability to change into special shapes and can be worn comfortably around your wrist. Theses wacky and colorful bands are like no other, because when you take them off your wrist, they jump back into their original shape. The transformation is just like magic, and it is sure to entertain your younger children (However, they are not recommended for children ages 3 and younger). The very best part is that there are hundreds of different types of these bands. They range from princesses to flowers to guitars. That means that they are suitable for both boys and girls. Each pack contains 24 Silly Bandz and 6 different types. That way, if your child does lose one, they can easily replace it.


  • Silly Bandz are die molded out of silicone
  • They are the original bands, and are more durable than imitations
  • Each pack contains 24 Silly Bandz
  • They come in a variety of colors and some can even glow in the dark
  • The bands can return to their original shape


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