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Silver Blazer Buttons

Updated on October 22, 2012

Silver blazer buttons can be considered essential for any blazers and coats as it adds a touch of refinement and sophistication at a relative small price compared to the actual blazer itself. However, the final product will empower your blazer to a whole new standard.

Even for a suit jacket, silver blazer buttons are perfect additions to accessorize your attire.

For men in their early careers who are just beginning to see the wonders of blazers or more the more respectable elders who have worn blazers all their life, all will agree the simple act of spicing up your blazer with silver blazer buttons will bring new life to both the blazer and its wearer.

The one thing to not do is to wear shorts or anything other than full length dress pants or jeans with your blazer. This look will ensure you have no fashion sense and is copying a pamphlet or advertisement.


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