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Buy an American Silver Eagle Roll Online: Where to Find the Best Deals

Updated on April 15, 2011
Silver Eagle Roll
Silver Eagle Roll

Silver bullion coins, like the silver eagle roll, have always been very popular to coin collectors and investors for one simple reason. Their value always seems to go up. Silver basically moves opposite the American Dollar. So more inflation equals a more valuable silver eagle. And we all know that we can't remember a year without inflation.

To get the silver eagle coins at the best value, investors buy them in a silver eagle roll. One roll consists of 20 uncirculated 1 troy ounce American silver eagle coins. When you purchase a whole silver eagle roll, the price per coin is less than if you buy them one at a time. Additionally, you can save money on shipping since you are only shipping one package instead of many. If you do not have the money to spend on a whole silver eagle roll check out my hub on getting the best deals on 1 or 2 american silver eagle bullion coins.

The best deal around is from APMEX. If you do not care about the years or slight nicks created during minting this is the way to go. Only slightly over spot price and shipping is very reasonable. If you are looking for all of the same year, arguably eBay is the best place to get a great deal. Ebay moves with the silver market and always has that certain year you may be looking for when APMEX is out of stock. If you are looking for the current year, more than likely APMEX will have them in stock.

Another option for getting your silver eagle roll is your local coin dealer. You will not have to pay any shipping costs and you will be able to examine the silver eagle coins before you purchase them, but they will likely be more expensive than shopping online because your coin dealer has to pay for that building you are shopping in.

The absolute worst place to get a silver eagle roll is HSN on the TV. They go through all the rolls and pick out the good ones to get graded and leave all the slightly not perfect ones for you to buy in rolls but at a cost higher than you would pay at your local coin dealer. Just assume they are of the same quality you would get for the cheapest silver eagle roll on APMEX only HSN will claim they are of superior quality even though they are not.


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