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Silver panda coins

Updated on June 28, 2011

There is a premium or spread for the chinese silver panda coins due to it's minting. The premium is usually slight, unless you're buying an older coin. There are actually two areas of production, and as such the casing in which it is sold to you would be different. Another source of difference lies in the coin itself. The insets are not exactly identical between the two mints but they both share certain similarities in which there happens to be the word 10 yuan with pandas on the front and a building on the flip side of the coin. Its overseas equivalent is the American gold and silver eagles or the Canadian Maple leaf. In a side note Russia's gold bullion has had some quality issues that led to rust but that is unlikely to happen in the case of China due to the greater scrutiny of the global eye. You might also want to see other silver coins around the world.

Attractive substitute for gold mainly on account of lower costs. It sits in at about 17 to 18 an ounce subject to variations at the point of writing. Being more readily accessible, it is what is turned to during a state of panic and volatility for retail buyers who do not have the pockets for sky rocketing gold prices. A chinese silver coin would also hold value with future investors due to the widening pockets of china's new and growing rich who may want to buy back their Country's wealth. Even on Amazon the price has risen to $35.39 compared to he Maple Leaf's $22.39 at the time of writing. The china premium is only likely to rise further, and it is in opinion might not be surprising to see the coin hit $50. The value of silver panda coins seems ready only to increase since; Silver prices looks set to go one direction; up. Is the chinese silver panda worth its premium? I think so!

Another factor making it appealing is that it is an industrial metal that makes it's way to your computer or handphone. One possible avenue to keep note of is the gold to silver ratio, how many oz of silver one oz of gold is able to trade for.


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