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Sim City Social Review

Updated on July 23, 2012

Sim City Social

So if you were around in the late eighties you may have played a certain game by the name of sim city, It was the first in a long line of games with the sim title involved and it pretty much just involved buying a plot of land and then building various buildings, powering the buildings with electricity and then supplying them with water before letting your town fill up with Sims. You then were tasked with building shops and business to help your Sims get work and earn money.

It was a truly great game and there have been many sequels since then, there is indeed a re-release of the original game albeit with much better graphics and a new game engine coming next year. What is different is the release of a face-book app called sim city social. This is a totally free application which runs through face-book and involves your friends as well. The premise is the same as the original game with a few exceptions, below I will explain how the game works and why it is so damn addictive and why you need to play it.!

The New Features

So with any new game we need to know the new features it has over the old version, well it has better graphics we know that, it also has lots of extra cool features such as using your friends to do tasks around the city or even hire them as staff for certain jobs you may have to ill such as farm hand, police officers, or firemen. That is the big change with this game, you can interact with your friends and even visit each others cities and either do nice things or wreck havoc in their city. Each thing you may do in their city will give you rewards and the rewards come in all different forms.


The rewards come in lots of different forms but the main rewards come in the form of simoleons which is Sim city's currency, materials which are needed to build things and also to upgrade buildings, power which is needed to perform tasks and experience which is needed to level up.

These are all easy to get but beware they do run out quickly. Power runs out quite quickly and you can find yourself sitting around waiting to power up again as it fills back up over time. There is also diamonds which can help you accomplish nearly anything such as building stuff or hiring staff but unfortunately you only receive one of these each time you level up, you can get more but they cost real money I'm afraid. At the moment im experimenting with not buying any.

You can get rewards such as those listed above for carrying out acts in other cities too, you can go to your friends city and just tap on a building and it will give you a list of good and bad things you can do. You get different rewards depending on what you do.

There are lots of other rewards such as ticket stubs, foam fingers, rage, chilli's and other surreal things such as that, these can then be use to build certain buildings, if you dont have these then you can either earn them or get a freind who has spare ones to send you some.


Upgrading your buildings is fairly easy, All you have to do is place your houses next to shops and business and they will automatically upgrade, the more they upgrade the more people can live there and the bigger and better the house becomes, so essentially the house becomes a block of flats then becomes a trendy condo, then a highrise apartment then the most luxurious block of flats you can imagine and so on.

You can upgrade anything from farms and houses to shops and lakes, the list of upgrades is endless and the makers have left scope to constantly add new buildings for you to tinker with. Its all looking very good at the moment.


The good thing with this game and what keeps it looking and feeling fresh and new is the new events that are constantly asking you to help out. At the moment for example there are the sports olympics which asks you to train at sports venues to earn special awards such as strength and skills etc then use these to help you win certain events such as the freestyle ninjitsu or chainsaw juggling!! all very good fun. There have been other Events such as when a spaceship crash lands and you then have to assemble a team to investigate, all very mysterious.


Of course with every game there are negatives and I feel if I am to give you an honest review then I need to mention these negatives so you can make an informed decision over weather to start playing this game and then get hooked.

This game does run quite slow at the moment, I say at the moment because it has only just been released and I'm sure when the developers see the moans from people on the forums about the speed they will issue a fix. It is very laggy because of this and this sometimes can stop you playing. Also because it is an application it is run with different software and can crash, Apart from these issues and the fact that you are pushed towards buying diamonds (Which you don't need) it is a pretty good game and my first face book app game ever. Have a look and enjoy playing, you never know we could end up as neighbours.

My Personal Gaming Rating

4 stars for Sim City Social


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