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Simpsons Toys - Buy The Simpsons Collectibles Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Do you like the Simpsons? Did you like the Simpsons? I'm sure that you'll answer yes to at least one of the two questions. The Simpsons is one the most beloved TV series of all time (one that is still going) with endearing characters that have become embedded in all pop culture we know and love today.

The Simpsons has been through over twenty seasons, a long time for any series; many characters have been created in the Simpsons universe, from Krusty to Homer - there are countless to love and remember.

The best thing about such a big and loved franchise is, without a doubt, the merchandise. It's easy to support the Simpsons and show that you're a fan. With all the Simpsons collectibles, Simpsons figurines, Simpsons action figures, Simpsons plush dolls... well it's hard not to buy Simpsons toys. The choices are endless, the prices are cheap - the show is infinite.

One of the best Simpsons toys is the Simpsons mcfarlane series. It ranges from Simpsons toys for adults all the way to Simpsons play-sets for kids.


Simpsons Figurines

One of the best ways to celebrate the Simpsons is through Simpsons figurines.  Simpsons figurines - similar to Simpsons action figures but not quite - range in many different styles.   They are very affordable Simpsons toys, making them an excellent choice as a gift. 

My favorite, as well as one of the best-selling, Simpsons figurines for sale, is the Flashback set.  The Flashback Simpsons set features the entire Simpsons family in their original forms; by this I mean as they were when they first aired on TV all those years ago.  For Simpsons fans who don't like how the show as aged, this Simpsons figurine is a great way to feel nostalgic again. 

Another great Simpsons figurine set to buy online is the Simpsons 21 piece set.  This is slightly more expensive than most Simpsons toys but is worth the price.  It comes with 21 limited edition Simpsons figurines all which vary in size from 2.5 to 4 inches. 

All Simpsons figurines are official Simpsons merchandise and are for ages 3 and up. 

Simpsons Action Figures

Simpsons figurines are a good Simpsons toys but if you're a true fan - one who likes the nitty gritty details of the show - than Simpsons action figures are the choice of toy for you.

Simpsons action figures come in four different series.  Each series features different Simpsons characters from Homer action figures, to Bart Simpson action figures.  All Simpsons action figures come with the character as well accessories that pertain to that character.  For example the Homer Simpson action figure comes with a donut, remote and a Duff Beer. 

Other Simpsons action figures for sale that are worth the look are the McFarlane Simpsons series of figures.  These are much more detailed action figures (cheaper too) that usually follow a direct theme.  As far as Simpsons toys go, McFarlane toys are of the highest quality.  My favorite is the McFarlane Simpsons action figure that has Homer and Bart as superheroes. 

Simpsons Toys

By being so popular the Simpsons have been able to diversify.  They've been able to span generations, age groups, different likes and dislikes.  It makes them a tough thing to compete against; they're a brand that is recognizable and loved.

 The best Simpsons toys for sale are:

  • 20 Questions 
  • Simpsons Scene It?
  • Simpsons Collectibles
  • Operation Simpsons 
  • The Simpsons Game (PS3)
  • The Simpsons Talking Car
  • Simpson Monopoly 

Simpsons Plush Toys

One of the best Christmas presents, or birthday presents, is a Simpsons plush doll.  Simpsons plush toys are all officially merchandised making them a great gift for any Simpsons fan. 

My favorite Simpsons plush toy is the 15 inch Homer doll.   It's a very cheap Simpsons toys and is very simple in design: all it is is Homer in his normal clothing, looking like he normally does.  The only thing missing is a Duff beer in his hand.  It also acts as a great Simpsons collectible. 

Other big Simpsons plush toys for sale include Bart Simpson, Marge and Lisa. 

Simpsons plush dolls to buy also come in smaller sizes like, for example, the 12 inch Maggie doll. 




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