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Sims 3 Challenge - stuck in an asylum of idiots

Updated on March 18, 2014

The story behind it all

Your psychiatrist has placed you in an asylum as he does not see you fit to return to society (yet). The asylum is old and has bearly enough furniture, as you did not have enough money (you were a wreckless spender) to afford a more luxury asylum. The psychiatrist has given you a goal to accomplish and when you do, you can leave the asylum. You have to fulfill your lifetime wish and then you are free to go back into society.

The challenge

Achieving a lifetime wish is not easy in this asylum as you cannot pick the wish you want (neither of them will be easy actually) and you have to get to a maximum skill level or achieve the highest level of promotion. Besides from that you have to deal with the other Sims living in the house (who are all insane) and a lack of chairs, beds and only one bathroom! And if you think that is not enough, you will be left with 100 Simoleons and you will need to pay the bills of the house.

Choosing a lifetime wish
Choosing a lifetime wish

Preparing your Sims for the challenge

Of course you will have to do some preparations before you can start the challenge. There are a number of rules for both the Sims as the house and its contents. This will be part of the challenge.

Preparing your main Sim
It is up to you to choose your Sims name (as it will be the first Sim that you create his/her last name will be the family name for all Sims even though their names are all different), their gender, clothes, looks and whether they are a young adult or an adult. What you cannot completely choose are his/her traits.
What cannot be chosen are some of the traits and the lifetime wish. For traits your Sim must at least have the traits “loser” and “insane”. The other traits you can choose yourself, with the exception of the traits “brave” and “daredevil”. Once you have chosen your traits, the game will automatically select 5 lifetime wishes. You cannot choose your lifetime wish. Use a dice and roll a number under 6. Look at the picture on the right side to decide the lifetime wish to choose. There are two exceptions where you can roll another number:

  • When you choose a lifetime wish involving an active profession (e.g. ghost hunter, architect, stylist, singer, acrobat, etc.)
  • When the lifetime wish involves getting married or having children.

Preparing the 7 roommates
Like your main Sim, you may also choose the names, looks and clothing of each of the 7 roommates. As you are not allowed to control these 7 Sims, you can choose whatever lifetime wish you want as they will not fulfill them anyway. When it comes to the traits, the rules are as follows:

  • Each of the roommates have the traits “insane”, “hates the outdoors” and “absent-minded”
  • The traits “kleptomaniac” and “mooch” can each only be used 1 time (for 1 of the 7 Sims)
  • The traits that you are not allowed to give to your 7 Sims are: “brave”, “daredevil”, “natural cook”

All other traits can be chosen by yourself.

A cheap asylum

Building the asylum

Before you start building, check the tips below. The outside of the house and the decorations (flooring, wallpaper, windows, doors and plants, etc.) can be used to your own liking. You can use cheats (only for the building) to get the money for anything you need to build in the asylum (should it be needed). The money cheat is “Ctrl +Shift+c” followed by either “motherlode” or “kaching”. Most of the rules regarding the asylum are the interior and objects:

  • Only decorative objects can be placed inside and outside of the building, all other objects can only be placed inside of the building
  • Materials from the official Sims store can be used, all downloaded objects from other websites are not allowed (also from the exchange).
  • You can only place 5 beds in the house. A double bed counts as two beds.
  • You can place a maximum of 6 seats in the house. A 3-seat sofa counts as 3 seats. From the six seats you can only choose one sofa type that Sims may also sleep/nap on. Keep into account that you also require some seats at the dining table so your Sims can eat. A good combination is to get a 3-seat sofa and 3 chairs.
  • For bathroom facilities you may place one toilet, one sink and one shower/bathtub or combo.
  • The kitchen facilities have one fridge and one stove (the cheapest)
  • Fire alarms and burglar alarms are not allowed
  • You can have a total of 5 skill-building items. Choose wisely and keep into account what your lifetime wish is. If your lifetimewish has certain skills in it, you better acquire these first.
  • Computers, TV’s, ovens, bookcases and mirrors do not count as skill-building items and can be placed as wished (although keep into account the next rule). Swimming pools and ponds do count as skill-building items.
  • You can only place one multimedia/entertainment object into your house, e.g. TV, computer, stereo, etc.). Should you place the computer, then you have to also get the desk and a seating for it (this counts towards the 6 seats). If you buy the TV, you have to buy the cheapest one.

Getting the Sims into the asylum

Once your Sims are ready and the asylum is ready, it is time to place your Sims into the asylum. Depending on the value of the asylum, your Sims may not be able to afford the asylum. Besides that you will have to leave them eventually with a starting budget of only 100 Simoleons. To be able to do this all you can use the following cheats:

  • To be able to use the cheats you have to use the “Ctrl+Shift+c” combination and a screen above will appear.
  • Type in “testingcheatsenabled true”. Now you can use the other cheats needed.
  • Select the Sims from the menu
  • Use the cheat menu (ctrl+shift+c) and type “freerealestate”
  • Select the Sims and use the “place copy” option and select the asylum lot. If correct, you should be able to move them in without paying for it.
  • Once the Sims are on the lot, use the final cheat to bring your funds down to 100 Simoleons
  • Access the cheat menu and type “familyfunds (family name) 100” followed by Enter

Now you are ready to start playing the challenge.

Rules during the gameplay

As if this challenge is not difficult enough, with the furniture problems, the Sim problems and the money problems, there are some rules to stick to during the gameplay:

  • You can only control your main character (Sim), the other 7 roommates you cannot control. You cannot click on them (not even their symbol). Whenever they get an opportunity, just click it away as they are not allowed to do it anyway.
  • Your roommates are not allowed to leave the lot, but if they happen to do so, you can just let them go. As they “hate the outdoors”, they will come back soon anyway.
  • The only time that you can click on the Sims to access their inventory (and only their inventory) is everyday at midnight. You can then remove any objects that your klepto-Sim might have stolen, or any books that are in the Sims inventory. The camera in their inventory (should you not have sold them before) should stay there and may never be sold after you have brought back your budget to 100 Simoleons. Any objects other than books or stolen objects or household objects (e.g. laptop/musical instruments), may not be removed from their inventory nor be sold.
  • Your main Sim can only leave the lot for 3 purposes: to go to work, to buy books in the bookshop or to buy food in the supermarket (no lottery tickets).
  • You are not allowed to hire a repairman nor a maid or butler. All repairs and cleaning has to be done by either you or your “helpful” roommates.
  • Sims that are not part of your “family”, such as visitors, etc. can come and visit the asylum, but they may never be moved in nor stay over.
  • When a fire breaks out or someone is electrocuted or objects are being repossessed, you have to replace them by exactly the same object (no upgraded versions)
  • You cannot use your inventory to place objects for your own use. All objects in the house are for community use and are free to be used by everyone. If you want to use an object but another Sim is using it, you have to wait for your turn. Also if another Sim has placed an object in his/her inventory, you may only take it out at midnight and not sooner.
  • If one of your Sims dies (and it will most probably happen), you will have to do the following: Go into build/buy mode to place their gravestone into the garden (it has to stay on the lot). Next you have to remove one bed and one seat. These measures have to be taken for every Sim that dies. In case many will die, you will have to at least keep one bed and one seat left in your house.

Points system

To compare how you have done at the end of the challenge with other players, a point system has been thought of. Once you have accomplished your lifetime wish, you may leave the asylum and you can start counting your points:

  • +1 point for each Sim that is still alive (including you)
  • +1 point for each friend that you and your roommates have made (not counting friends made between you and the roommates and between them)
  • +1 point for each 1000 lifetime points that your main Sim has collected
  • - 1 point per day that you have spent in the asylum. One week is -7 points.
  • -20 points per Sim that has died
  • -30 points for each visitor that has died on your lot
  • -1 point for every time the repo man comes to repossess your items.


A number of tips that help you to build the asylum and to not make the “rookie” mistakes.

  • Create your Sims first and then start on the asylum. This is so you can adapt the asylum somewhat to fit the lifetime wish of your Sim.
  • Make sure that there is space for your Sims to walk around. Especially the space around the objects. With many Sims in the house the chances of them being in eachothers way is big. Once your Sims have moved in, you are not allowed to move the objects anymore.
  • Do not build an expensive (extensive) asylum, as you will be the one paying the bills and you only start with 100 Simoleons. You will not make a lot of money in the beginning and you do not want the repo man to come visit.
  • Use only the single beds. Sims that are strangers (as are the Sims in your family) will not sleep together in one bed.
  • Keep in mind that when you decide to purchase a bathtub or a combo, your Sims will be using it and taking a bath takes longer than taking a shower. As you only have one bathroom, it might be handier to make the time your Sims spend their as short as possible.
  • Create a separate room for the bath/shower and the toilet. This prevents Sims using the toilet shooing you out of the room even though you want to use the shower/bath.
  • Have your Sim only make salads until they have enough skill in cooking. Making salad prevents your Sim causing fires from using the oven. Prepare multiple portions so other Sims rather eat the leftovers than that they start cooking themselves.

The asylum challenge in videos


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