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Sims 3 World Adventures: A guide to Shang Simla

Updated on January 10, 2011
Shang Simla Loading Page
Shang Simla Loading Page | Source

Welcome to Shang Simla

Shang Simla is the Chinese tourist destination in the Sims 3 expansion pack World Adventures. Here, your Sims can learn the ancient skill of martial arts, visit iconic Chinese sites like Temple of Heaven, eat delicious Asian delicacies and most importantly, uncover ancient secrets and discover valuable treasures. 

Before your Sims Leaves for Vacation

Visa Level

Before your Sims go on vacation, there are several things you need to know about travelling to Shang Simla. Firstly, the number of days your Sims is allowed to stay in Shang Simla depends on his or her visa level. All Sims begin on Visa Level 0 and through the completion of quests, earn visa points. Level 0 means your Sims can stay in the foreign location for 3 Sims days, Level 1 = 5 days, Level 2 = 8 days, Level 3 = 10 days and with the purchase of a special visa license (using ancient coins) once you’ve reached level 3, you may stay for 12 days.

Note that these numbers are subject to changes. If your Sims has the lifetime reward “Prepared Traveller” (10,000 points), the number of days you can stay on each visa level is extended. Also, if your Sims is wealthy enough to have purchased a vacation home in Shang Simla, the number of days your Sims can stay is also extended.


Like in real life, there are costs involved with going on a trip. Price starts from 1,300 simoleons for a 3-day vacation. Note, this is also subject to changes. If your Sims has the lifetime reward “Jetsetter” (5,000 points), the cost of all your vacations would be reduced. If you have just started to play with a particular Sims, you may need to save for a couple of days in order to afford the journey. In addition to the initial cost, your Sims will need some basic equipment for their adventures once they get to Shang Simla (see section “Basic Equipments” below). So it’s good to have at least a couple of thousand simoleons in your pocket to be prepared. 

Shang Simla's Base Camp
Shang Simla's Base Camp | Source

Once your Sims arrive

Base Camp

Once you have selected the number of days you wish to travel to Shang Simla and paid for the vacation, your Sims will be transported to Shang Simla. After the loading screen, your Sims will arrive at Base Camp, which is the default location for your Sims, unless you have purchased a vacation home, of course. At base camp, you will find all the necessities of a basic Sims home – bed, bathroom and kitchen. So if your Sims needs to eat or rest in between adventures, s/he can do it here for free.

Tip: while waiting for Shang Simla to load, the loading screen will display several game tips. These are useful and will come in handy once you start on your adventures.

However, once your Sims has embarked on an adventure (like being in a tomb), then it could be days before they see civilization again so it’s important to stock up on basic adventuring equipments (see below).

Basic Equipments

When your Sims is on an adventure in a tomb, there are three basic needs that need to be satisfied. All equipments can be purchased at the General Goods Merchant in the Shang Simla Market.

Energy: Once your Sims energy is low, they would refuse to continue on the quest. So to replenish their energy then and there, your Sims would need a tent. There are two variations: Sim Scouts’ Classic Camper ($220) or Colesim 2br Edition Tent ($2,700).

Food: Your Sims need to eat, enough said. If you put plates of food in their inventory, they will eventually go bad. So it’s better to stick to fruits and even better yet to eat dried food. These come in 3 qualities: Low Quality ($5), Medium Quality ($20) and High Quality ($40). The quality determines how filling the meal is and how long your Sims will have the “nice meal” moodlet.

Hygiene: Your Sims will be clearing rubbles, exploring dive wells and pushing statues around – all dirty work. So sooner or later, your Sims will become very smelly and that will affect their mood. So to solve that problem when your Sims is down in the tomb, your Sims would need to carry around Shower-in-a-Can ($120). These are also handy in preventing your Sims from fainting if your Sims got caught in fire traps.

The Adventures Board at Base Camp
The Adventures Board at Base Camp | Source

Starting an adventure

To start an adventure, simply direct your Sims to the Adventures Board located at the bottom of Base Camp. You will then be given an adventure and you can choose either to accept or refuse the adventure. There are three types of adventures.

Gather objects: Some quests ask your Sims to gather 3 bars of titanium or 4 ladybugs. These are the easiest type of quests because once you have accepted the quest and go to the Map View (M), the items that you are looking for will light up as if your Sims has the “Collection Helper.” Then, simply collect the number of items that you need and then report back to the Sims who gave you the task. The First Emperor Mini Tomb is a perfect example of a sequential quest that just asks your Sims to collect and deliver items.

Talk to a Sims: Some quests require you to talk to a Sims about a certain topic. However, these quests aren’t as straightforward as going up to the Sims and ask them about it. In most cases, you need to build up your relationship status with them first because you can successfully complete the interaction. Usually a sequence of 20 or more positive interactions will be sufficient. Where possible, use merchants because they can't leave the cash register so your Sims can stay there and continue to interact with them. The "Lights Out" section of the "Building a Telescope" adventure is a good example of this type of tasks.

Main quests: These are the hardest and most exciting of all the adventures. These are where your Sims gets to uncover ancient secrets and unearth hidden treasures in tombs. In addition, they often involve multiple steps but they also often the highest visa points, which means your Sims can upgrade to the next visa level.

Examples of Walkthroughs for Main Quests in Shang Simla

Treasure Hunter: Find an ancient Relic in the Halls of the Lost Army

Dragon Cave Part 1: Uncover the mystery of the Dragon Cave and build the meditation statue

Once Your Sims Gets Back

Recovery Period

After your Sims return home from a vacation, s/he will have a vacation moodlet which will prevent them from going on another vacation straight away. The period is usually 2 days. But if your Sims has the “Adventurous” trait, this time period will be reduced and they will be able to go on another vacation much sooner.


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