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Sims 3 World Adventures | Is It Worth Buying?

Updated on February 3, 2010

Sims 3 has heralded more drama in the Sims 3 franchise than one sim woohooing with two sisters one after the other. It's been beset with claims that the base game was whittled down so that extra content could be sold to players in the Sims 3 store. It's been claimed (correctly,) that the Sims 3 store was wildly expensive, and its been claimed that the Sims 3 didn't offer players the level of facial design that they would have liked.

On the plus side it has been wildly popular and in spite of the downsides, it's still an incredibly engaging game that is fun for all the family and doesn't involve shooting things in the face. The Sims 3 doesn't get enough credit for its lack of face shooting.

The World Adventures expansion pack was designed to extend the world and experiences of your sims and after having put several hours into the game, I have to say that yes, it achieves its goals. As this previous article of mine suggests quite strongly, many players had a great deal of trouble with the expansion when it came out, and many are still experiencing bugs and glitches that cause random crashes, error codes and the occasional corrupted save file. Thus far I have sent family members to every country on the sim planet and have experienced only one crash, but your mileage may vary and there is every chance that I'll be back here tomorrow, ranting like a loon because my family has moved to China without me.

The good news with World Adventures is that when it works, it works really well. There are a bunch of new skills and talents to learn, and those skills and talents give rise to hidden skills and talents that will rock your world. For example, becoming a level five martial artist allows you to meditate. Meditate long enough and you'll become so skilled at it that you will be able to travel anywhere, instantly.

World Adventures fixed one of the major bug bears I had with the base game, which was that it forced you to live a picket fence life, the only bight spots on the horizon of your sim's lives being birth and the sweet embrace of inevitable death.

So is World Adventures worth the money? It's not a stuff pack. You're not going to get a bunch of extra clothing and hair and what not, though you do get some, and some additional building tools and furniture. What it gives you is an added dimension that makes your sim's lives seem too short to every fully experience the world. (Fortunately your sims can be made to live for forever with very little trouble.)


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