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Free Sims 3 World Adventures Mods

Updated on April 12, 2010

The brilliance of The Sims franchise doesn't lie in the base game, but in the mods and cheats that enterprising players are able to come up with. There are already a great many mods for The Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack, mods that range from making the game slightly easier to play to changing the entire dynamics of how the game works.

Be aware before you install any mods that they may cause problems with the running of your game, conflict with other mods or potentially bork the entire game if (or rather when) EA releases one of its interminable updates. If you do install mods, it is wise to hold off on downloading new updates until it is determined what effect the update will have on games that have been saved with mods.

EA has a sort of love / hate affair with modders, they acknowledge the fact that modders are out there and encourage responsible modding, but at the same time, take no responsibility when an update ruins previous saved games.

Here are some brilliant mods and cheats for the Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack.

Gain Faster Visa Levels

In World Adventures, you have to go about in various countries completing challenges and whatnot in order to increase your visa level and stay longer in the country and gain other associated benefits. Many players are frustrated with how long it takes to raise your visa levels, but this sweet little mod drastically cuts the time it takes to max out your visa levels.

Get that visa!

Children Moving Out By Themselves

It's annoying how much the Sims 3 forces a certain level of similarity between all families. Children must be home before curfew and they certainly cannot move out of home before they reach the age of majority. Boring. Where are the street children? The Home Alone kids? This mod allows kids and teens to move out of home on their own terms, which can make for some fun story lines.

Get your kids out of the house!

Gender Doors

Find it annoying how sims will always just wander into any bathroom they like? These gender oriented doors will only open if sims are the right gender. Finally, it is possible to discriminate based on gender in the Sims 3, just as it is in the real world. Fun and games!

Check out this mod!

Several of these mods are hosted by Custom Sims, a briliant site for all kinds of Sims 3 mods, hacks and tips. You'll find several more mods here, along with custom worlds and other goodies. It is definitely worth the visit!

Don't forget Mod The Sims either, if you haven't paid them a visit. They are perhaps the granddaddy of all Sims modding sites. If you can't find help for your sims modding issues here, you won't find it anywhere.


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