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Sims 3 World Adventures Shang Simla Treasure Hunter

Updated on January 9, 2011
The Hall of the Lost Army is located in the center of the Forbidden City.
The Hall of the Lost Army is located in the center of the Forbidden City. | Source

Step One: Report In

“I am searching for an intrepid adventurer who can retrieve an ancient Relic for me. I’ve searched all over town and no one has the guts. Please contact me, Xi Yuan, if you are interested.”

Objective: Speak to Xi Yuan about the ancient Relic

Reward: 10 Visa Points

This is a relatively straight-forward step. If you have Adventure Tracker turned on, a little “Report In” button will appear above your Sims’ moodlets. Simply click on that and your Sims will automatically find Xi Yuan. After talking to her, she will give you a key, which you will need to enter the tomb.

“Thank goodness someone finally responded! Come on, there’s work to do. I’ve heard rumours that a nearby tomb holds a valuable treasure. Retrieve it for me, and you will be handsomely rewarded. You’ll need this key to get into the tomb. What are you waiting for? Get to it!”

Entrance to the Tomb
Entrance to the Tomb | Source

Step Two: Enter the tomb and find the relic

Objective: Retrieve the ancient Relic for Xi Yuan to receive Simoleons and Ancient Coins

Reward: 35 Visa points; 500 Simoleons; 10 Ancient Coins;

With the key in hand, your Sims now needs to enter the Hall of the Lost Army. It is located in the centre of the Forbidden City. Once inside, you’ll see a floor tile that has a pair of footprints on it. Step on it and it will reveal a staircase down to the basement. Down in the basement, there is a locked door with a keyhole next to it. Insert the keystone into the key hole to unlock the door.

In the next room (#2), there are some ancient coins on the floor (collect those). There’s another floor switch in the centre of the room with a statue next to it. This floor switch doesn’t have a pair of footprints on it. So if your Sims step on it, it will only transiently unlock the door. So you need to pull the statue onto the floor switch to unlock the door.

Room #3 has a statue in the centre with a floor switch on its left and a wooden tile on its right. Pushing the statue onto the floor switch will reveal a floor tile with footprints underneath the wooden tile. Then have your Sims step on it to unlock the door.

In Room #4, you will see a row of statues followed by an active electricity trap. Push any statue onto the trap to deactivate it. On the other side, you will see a locked door with a pile of rubble. Clear the rubble and stand on the revealed floor switch. It will unlock a hidden door opposite the locked door as well as a hole on the wall to the left of the locked door. Go through the hidden door to take all the treasure out of all three treasure chests. Then inspect the hole in the wall to unlock the locked door.

In Room #5, you will find a locked door with a key hole on its left. Hovering your mouse over it will reveal that a star keystone is needed. To the right of the door is a dive well. Have your Sims explore it to reveal a hidden tunnel leading to another room, where you will find the star keystone (in the treasure chest). Then swim back through the dive well, unlock the door and enter Room #6.

The final room (#6) has three treasure chest and a floor switch. The one with the ancient Relict in it will sparkle brightly. Take all the treasures out of all three treasure chests. Then step on the floor switch to reveal a quick exit.

Once you have the relic, the adventure tracker will change to “Deliver Relic.” Simply click on that option and your Sims will automatically go to Xi Yuan and complete the adventure.

“Excellent work! This will look great on my mantle. Here’s your reward, as promised.”

Walkthrough of the Tomb
Walkthrough of the Tomb | Source


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