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Sims 3 cheat codes

Updated on July 14, 2009

Sims 3 Cheat codes

Please use cheats at your own discretion.

All cheats here have come directly from trustworthy sources. A Lot of the cheats are case sensitive so make sure you type exactly as told. Spaces are also important, just like in the cheat for freeRealEstate that you see below.

If you've ever played the Sims 2, you are probably already familiar with some of the cheat codes that I have listed below. If you like to play your game without using and cheats then please ignore the list below.

Sims 3 Cheats Revealed:

The first that you need to do is bring up the console window, by pressing [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C while in game play mode. Then, type any of the codes below and press [Enter] to activate the cheat you wish to use. If you are using Windows Vista you may have to press [Ctrl] + [Windows] + [Shift] + C to bring up you console window.

Cheat Results and Cheat Codes

Gives 2,500 lifetime happiness points to active points- shazaam- This cheat is not working for anyone

Lists all commands available at the moment- help

Ignores the cost when buying a lot for the current game- freeRealEstate ( when using this cheat, 1. make sure to click on your family, 2. type freeRealEstate (exactly as written here) then space and enter. When you click on the house you want to buy it should now let you afford it.

Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home resetSim <firstname> <lastname>

Interaction to bring up a trait-modification window. Can set/clear traits- Modify Traits

1,000 more simoleons- Kaching

50,000 or more Simoleons- Motherlode

Enable debug mode [Note 1]- testingCheatsenabled [true or false]

No limits for moving or placing objects- moveobjects [on/off]

View uniforms and career outfits [Note 2]- unlockOutfits [on/off]

Return SIms to safe state at home- resetSim [first name] [last name]

Objects fade when camera gets close to them- fadeObjects [on or off]

Llamas enabled message- enablellamas [on or off]

Show talk/thought balloons above Sim's head- hideHeadlineEffects [on or off]

Print random joke to console- jokePlease

Full screen- fullscreen [on or off]

Slow motion visuals; 0 is normal, 8 is slowest- slowMotionViz [0-8]

Toggle framerate display at top right- fps [on or off]

Quit game- quit

Note 1: Hold [Shift] and click on Sims to add them to the current family or age them. Hold [Shift] and click on the mail box to access carious debug codes.

Note 2: This code must be enabled before entering Create-A-Sim mode.

Improve your Sims 3 Experience

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (Black)
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (Black)

This is a lighted gaming keyboard with a lot of extra features to really improve your Sims 3 experience. This is what I'm using.


Sims 3 Software and Prima Guide

The Sims 3: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)
The Sims 3: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)

This is the official guide to Sim 3 and contains a lot of extra cheat codes. If you want to really learn about Sims 3, this is the best way to go.


More Hints and Tips

Listening to your own music on the sims radio

Being able to listen to your own music is definitely a nice feature and very easy to do. In your computer, go to where you keep all of your .MP3 files, choose which songs you would like to listen to in game and go to "/My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 3/Music/[radio station]" folder and drop them in. Start up your game, go to "Option" menu, select "Music Settings", then choose radio station. Now you can listen to your own music anytime you want.

Sims Age-No-More

Have you ever wanted to just play with your Sims forever and know that they will never die?  Well, there is a way, and it is quite easy to do.  In the Sims 2 you could do it but you had to use a cheat code to do it.  In the Sims 3 all you have to do is go to "Options" in game and uncheck the box next to "Aging."  Now your Sims can live forever, unless you decide to check the deadly box again.

Buying new clothes

In the Sims 3 you no longer have to go to the shopping mall for sims to get a new outfit.  Now all you have to do is go to any dresser and click on the "buy options".  When new options open then click on "Plan Outfit".  You are aloud to choose up to 3 outfits for each type (everyday, athletic and formal). 

New Tricks to Better Game Play

Force Twins- Bring up cheat console, click on pregnant sim, and enter code in cheat console forcetwins That's all there is to it.

Glitch- Free Bookcase- In buy mode, buy a bookcase, have a sim study, interrupt the action so the sim puts the book on the floor, delete the bookcase, now the single book on the floor works as a bookcase.

Avoid death- Go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard.

  • Go to bush near the gate (Death Flower Bush)
  • Harvest flower and put in your inventory, If you die, then your sim that carries the flower will give it to the grim Reaper and be brought back to life. Note: The flower will not reappear again, but your sim can plant unknown special seeds at level 7 gardening. You can find the seeds in the graveyards. Note: If you have the Green Thumb trait it can help with this tip

Increased chance of having a boy baby- Have your pregnant sim eat apples

Increased chance of having a girl baby- Have pregnant sim eat watermelons

Have more than one baby at once (twins or triplets)- Have one or both parents have the lifetime reward "Fertility Treatment"

Graveyard Surprises

One of the surprises that I found was when I sent my sim to the graveyard.  When he got there I had him click on the " most dangerous" option and he was able to find 2 magic Seeds.  What you can do with them, you have to find out.

Spend More time playing and less time working

Do you want to have more time exploring instead of having to let your sims sleep and work? I know I do. Here's the secret to this dilemma. Open up your cheat console CTRL + Shift + C during game play (as always) and type in testingCheatsEnabled true. This allows you to click on the mailbox, and shift-click sims for extra options, editing, locking and altering motives, etc. The cheats that are enabled will hive you these extra options:

After Entering the Cheat Code hold CTRL+SHIFT+C then hold SHIFT and click your letterbox. This will give you these other options:

  • Set Level
  • Set Career
  • Force Visitor
  • Make All Happy
  • Add Sims to House
  • Change Sim Traits
  • Force Aging

    In Ground Mode view mode, hold shift and click a spot and your Sim will teleport to that spot!

Exiting the Cheat Screen

So, now that you have figured out how to open the cheat console, you have to beable to close it ater you are done.  In the Sims 2 you had to type in Exit but in the sims 3 all you have to do is press the Escape Key to exit the console. 


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    • profile image

      Plupstulfulse 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Maddy 5 years ago

      How do you dress random sims

    • profile image

      Adam 5 years ago

      sam in order to modify your sims traits is to frist open cheat menu then type testingcheatsenabled true, then hold sift and click your sim and their you go

    • profile image

      Adam 5 years ago

      sam in order to modify your sims traits is to frist open cheat menu then type testingcheatsenabled true, then hold sift and click yor sim and their you go

    • profile image

      kat 5 years ago

      ya how exactly do you do the music one i went to the option tab when you click the three dot button but when i click the music note all that pops up is the different music that plays no option for custom

    • profile image

      rosalinamendez 5 years ago

      thanks for all this cheat oh guys if this cheat dnt help you and u need money i have cheat for 100,000,000,000

      to Enable the cheat console press CTRL Shift and C then you type in jammailla

      jammailla gives $100,000,000,000 to active household

    • profile image

      joelle 5 years ago

      u are a lazy crazyyyyyyy guys all .daaaaaaaa to u all crazies

    • profile image

      simsfan 2012 5 years ago

      I heard from a different cheat web that if u watch a lot of kids TV shows and listen to lots of kids music on the radio that u can get twins. It also said that if u want a girl, u must eat at least 3 watermelon. If u want a boy, u must eat at least 3 apples. Hope this helped

    • profile image

      sam 6 years ago


    • Stephie Rose profile image

      Stephie Rose 6 years ago

      I have a question.

      I have a mac, and I was wondering

      1. if/how I can quickly increase skills

      2. how i can increase lifetime happiness

      Thank youuuu sooo much your page has been a huge help btw

    • profile image

      Jane 6 years ago

      I need help i cant see the mouse on my Sims game anymore... I am able to click things but not see the mouse moving!!!!!!!

      I have a dell PC by the way

    • lexus30 profile image

      lexus30 6 years ago from tn

      okay well it seems like this page is dead i just need help on the sims 3 4 codes if u can help let me know call 6158795875 or leave me a msg please thanks despreatly needs hel

    • lexus30 profile image

      lexus30 6 years ago from tn


    • lexus30 profile image

      lexus30 6 years ago from tn

      hey please somebody help me with my cheats on the sims 3 and town house stuff !!!!!!i only have 200 bucks and i room omg helpppp nothing is working 4 me im on a pc

    • profile image

      amanda 6 years ago

      okay i need help please i just got the sims 3 and town house stuff 3 and tried to put codes in and nothing is working ?need some support any feed back please

    • profile image

      Zoe 6 years ago

      i would just like to sat that every cheat here works except for shazam and im unsure about the book bookcase i haven't tried it yet but if you are having trouble with anyothers then either something is wrong with your computer or you haven't done it correctly make sure that if it doesn't work you type in "testingcheatsenabled true" without the ".

    • profile image

      Lolo 6 years ago

      Well you can get make Ambrosia.

    • profile image

      Regina 6 years ago

      i hate the fact that the sims 3 does not allow my gay male sims couple to have their genetic kids with cheat, .... even to get them pregnant. unlike in the sims 2, without using cheats, male sims can get pregnant with alien, and with another sims with cheat's help.

      there is a mod to let this happen, but i'm worry there will be some error in the game

      i really want to create a story telling about pregy male sim

      it's what i want. don't judge me because of we have a different head.

    • profile image

      sophie 6 years ago

      hello,is there anyway i can change my sims relationship? i made a family a mum dad and todler but made a mistake and forgot to edit the relationships so the todler doesn't have a mum lol,iv ignored it but now its annoying,can anyone help with this please thankyou :)

    • profile image

      beuwolf 6 years ago

      Hello. :)

      Is it possible for me to make my Sims younger? The couple I play with has an "age difference" (one will be an adult in 164 days while the other in 192 days).

      Can I make the "older" younger? Finding and eating a Life Fruit seems to tiring and practically useless as it only juvenites one day.

      I hope you can help me with this. :)

      (Also, thank you so much for sharing these cheats with us. X3)

    • profile image

      marisa 6 years ago

      its ginda annoying that shazaam doesn't work. will the station fix it.

    • profile image

      Ray 6 years ago

      This isonly for simks on the computer right , Need xbox360 cheats thx

    • profile image

      Person 6 years ago

      help my sims can't go to their room anymore and i had to put the bed in the kitchen and i can't get anymore levels i only have 3 HELP PLEASE IM ANNOYED I HAVE 5 BABIES STUCK UP IN THE ROOM DIEING

    • profile image

      eve 6 years ago

      you can undo the mailbox cheats by moving out. i moved out and my family isn't always happy anymore, but im not sure about the other cheats

    • profile image

      simswhims 6 years ago

      a way to get the lifetime rewards points (easy, easy, easy.) Always choose "lap of luxury" as your lifetime goal. Use the cheat code "motherlode" over and over until you have the money the sim needs for lifetime happiness lol. Every new adult member you add to the household who has that goal automatically gets the lifetime achievement points. My sims never have any other goal and I always open the game with lots of points to spend.

    • profile image

      Crazysimz 6 years ago

      If ur sims get stuck have another move with everyone and go to a different house then move back to ur old house all ur stuff will be where it was and u will have another set in ur family inventory and ur sims will no longer will be stuck

    • profile image

      Xenia 6 years ago


      You can get life fruit and then make the girl eat it until she reaches the age you want.

    • profile image

      Ariel 7 years ago

      You can also use the 'familyfunds' cheat. Just type (after you have typed in 'testingcheatsenabled true') familyfunds FAMILYNAME 99999999. Example just in case you didn't understand: familyfunds miller 99999999. (99,999,999 is the most you can get.)

    • profile image

      Liltomboy202 7 years ago

      I used the one where you could move anything including sims and they started dissappearing! They died because u wasn't able to feed them or do anything with them. And how does that set age thing work? I cant get it to.

    • profile image

      jessy boutros 7 years ago

      hey i have sims 3 the new one but my friend is an enemy with me how could i be friendly with hime in the sims

    • profile image

      Miku 7 years ago

      i font understand how the magic seed thing works, i tried it with no success. can someone explain to me how it works thx XD

    • profile image

      Blahh 7 years ago

      You can change the appearance by clicking on a mirror !

      I do it all the time ! :D

    • profile image

      ntle  7 years ago

      go to your cheat box and then type in...

      unlockoutfits on and if u don't want them anymore instead

      of on type in off AND U WILL GET CAVE MAN and space stuff new hair styles and soooo much more !!!!!!

    • profile image

      laura 7 years ago

      here is a cheat if your sim gets stuck anywhere ctrl+shift+c resetsim [sims first and last name] then click enter

      also if you want more money ctrl+shift+c familyfunds [sims last name] [mount of money you want]

      if you want your sim to have a ghost baby make a man and a woman wait till the science facility gives you the opportunity called oh my ghost kill the woman and pick her grave up from the graveyard and take it to the science facility they will make the woman into a playerable ghost then carry on with the relationship till you can try for baby then you'll have a ghost baby the same colour as the mother for if your sim has the kleptomanic trait then they can pick up a grave i found that if they sim doesn't have skills then the opportunity comes quick might not though

      to bring a ghost back to life you need to make ambrosia which needs level 10 cooking, level 10 gardening and level 10 fishing you need a deathfish which can be found in the graveyard at midnight and a life fruit or you can get these faster if you go on buy mode ctrl+shift+c buydebug then a box with a ? will appear look in the fishing hook for the death fish and the gardening for the life fruit the ambrosia (if eaten by a sim that's alive) will send the age back to when they just had their birthday but wont change them from adult to teenager for example

      to move objects to places that the game wont allow the cheat is the same as the sims 2 but instead of move_objects on/off its moveObjects on/off

      a good site for downloading new clothes and houses is that's where i get my things

      that's all i can think of that i haven't seen mentioned on here hope i helped :)

    • profile image

      moneygood 7 years ago

      Is there any cheats for cellphones besides the iPhone?? I need help

    • profile image

      Icklejockey 7 years ago

      This cheat may not work.

      If you want to have twins here is what you do.

      On the last day of pregnancy make sure your sim is watching kids tv all day and don't go to hospital and make sure the tv is on through labor.

      I hope it works!!

    • profile image

      Jake 7 years ago

      Hey! I love the Sims 3 you did a brilliant job! But when you go into Build Mode and select the stairs, at the bottom it says lifts and when you click on it theres no lifts in that section. Please help.

    • profile image

      Xenia 7 years ago


      No, you can't do that, but at visa level 3 you can buy a vacation home by the phone.

    • profile image

      JB freak 7 years ago

      thxs for all this information i hope it works!!!

    • profile image

      SuperFreak B) 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for the tips! Some of them didn't work, of course, but I wanted to know- Is there a cheat to get pets on Sims 3? I doubt there is, but if you could find out it would be highly appreciated. Again, thanks a lot, and please try to find the answer to that question.

      -SuperFreak B)

    • profile image

      simmy3 7 years ago

      wow now i pretty much rule the sims game

    • profile image

      hey 7 years ago

      anoyedperson when you get feternity treatment you have to eat two or three watermelons or grapes.

    • profile image

      Jb gal 7 years ago

      How do u get rid of fertility treatment once u get it I want 1 other kid so I can have 2 I don't want three :( even with a babysitter it still sucks

    • profile image

      Annabel  7 years ago

      Heey! I need help BADLYYY!!!! okay, so one of my sims won't move, & she just had twin babies and now her babies won't move! All my oher sims are moving but just not the mother and her twin baby girls. The babies are in the crib holding their hands up and I forced a child protection worker to come and take them so I can see them later but Now I can't find them at all!!!! It's really bugging me. I can't do anything!! Well my other sims can, by just not that mother!! She's just standing there in front of the sink! She won't age up or nothing!!

      What do I do?!??

      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      kat 7 years ago

      no i don't think teens can whoohoo

    • profile image

      EpicHaloChick 7 years ago

      Olivia34456- you have to do a lot of romantic stuff with the other sim like flirt and hold hands and stuff. i'm not sure if teens can woohoo (working on it now) but with an adult it should work.... hope this helps ^^ ~EHC~

    • profile image

      Marina 7 years ago


      I've accidently made my sim blow the candles on the cake and he is an elder, and he has a beautiful young wife and a teen son. Please, i have no idea how to make his age go back, to adult??? Anyone help??

    • profile image

      Olivia34456 7 years ago

      How do u whoho with another sim I can't do it

    • profile image

      toby 7 years ago

      um my sim just died and it was the only sim

      and now i got to choose another household

    • profile image

      annoyedperson 7 years ago

      i rly want twins but forcewins but it said it was a unknon command! i also got fertility treatment but i still got a single child plz help i reallllllllllllly want twins

    • profile image

      rawr 7 years ago

      what do u do with the mods u download that give u new sims, hair, etc. to get them to work on the game. for sims 3 i would also appreciate how to do it with sims 2.

    • profile image

      rawr 7 years ago

      hey do u need an expansion pack to like modify bust and stuff?

    • profile image

      hi 7 years ago

      the best cheat is help after control alt delet

    • profile image

      MeisMe 7 years ago

      EA, why don't you people have the ability to adjust height, but you have the ability to adjust chest fullness.....i mean, that's just insulting

    • profile image

      MeisMe 7 years ago

      Rawr : You go the the EditTown menue then from there you click on the world editor which is the pencil and paper by the little boldozer, from here the lots can be found

    • profile image

      Rawr 7 years ago

      anyone know how to add a lot, ik i sound like a noob but i just haven't figured out how to place lots and id like to add sum nice houses to my neighborhood

    • profile image

      paige dopson 7 years ago

      ah its okay but is there any cheats 4 dsi ? in sims3 on ds err i need em please

    • profile image

      coolz123 7 years ago


    • profile image

      lala123456789 7 years ago

      is it possible to make a sim who has travelled to france live there?

    • profile image

      person2 7 years ago

      Harriet-that happened to me too, and here is what you do-when you logged off last time or whatever, and then logged back on, the screen was focused on the sim you left off on, but the control bar on the bottom is gone, right? so, for me, all i had to do was press the most upper left key and the control bar on the bottom showed up again. i think the key is called ESC. i have a laptop and it worked! hoped it helped!

    • profile image

      Xenia 7 years ago

      Hey, I just found out that KIDS CAN LIVE ALONE!!! You can also remove all of the family members out by doing this!


      • Your family must have an adult Sim and a kid (it can also be a teen, toddler or even a baby!)

      HOW TO DO IT:

      • Type in the Cheat: moveObjects on

      • Go to the Buy Mode

      • Pick up the Adult and sell him!


      • If you want a baby or a toddler to live alone, before you delete the adult, make him call the babysitter, so she/he can take care of the child.

      • If the babysitter doesn't stay there forever, you can always teleport your baby/toddler to another Sim's house, so they can feed him/her.

      • If you don't want anyone to take care of the baby/toddler, then you do this when your baby/toddler feels bad: Type testingcheatsenabled true in the Cheat Console and, while holding Shift, click on the mailbox and then choose 'Make All Happy'.

      Hope this helped! :)

    • profile image

      Nicole 7 years ago

      I have the game sims 3 but it is for a Nintendo Dsi. How would you get the money and cheat bar to show up? Do you know? Or can you actually do the cheats on Dsi? Can you find out the cheat for making the Sim healthy and happy and just fill up the things like that?

    • profile image

      katie 7 years ago

      Yes selene my sims had triplette boys then my sim got pregnant again and had triplett girls yes both had fertility reward

    • profile image

      Selene 7 years ago

      Has anyone's Sim ever had triplets? I've had both parent sims get the Fertility Treatment but no triplets.

    • profile image

      person 7 years ago

      these cheats all worked for me... thanks for the help and all, bye now.

    • profile image

      katie 7 years ago

      okay so can you get married then can you get divorced and have one kid with one parent and one kid with the other? can you still visit the one kid not with the parent you play? does it work?

    • profile image

      Unknown 7 years ago

      Hi, Ok uh my guy met a girl in France. (This is world adventures). And there a couple now, when they had to leave back to Sunset Valley I found out that she is older than him. Their both young adults but he has 21 days until he ages and she has 7. I DO NOT want to turn aging off completely and the "set age [number]" cheat is not working. PLZ HELP! and thanks :)

    • profile image

      ;;. 7 years ago

      is there a cheat for getting all the towns ?

    • profile image

      anonomys 7 years ago

      i would like a more interesting way to play ive had the game for months and its getting kind of boring any suggestions

    • profile image

      anna 7 years ago

      I like to have my sims go into a room to read abook and then I remove the door. It really annoys them but its such great fun.

    • profile image

      Weirdolame 7 years ago

      Um... I can't open my cheat window since I downloaded Late Night, and it's been a pain since all my sims are poor(hehe). Can anyone help me?

    • profile image

      Harriet 7 years ago

      my game has gone podge i can't control my sims

      the screen just flyes around randomly wherever i move my mouse does anyone know how 2 stop that pls help

    • profile image

      Kyle 7 years ago

      I noticed on the sims late night, that when i watch videos on youtube and some people have these different clothes in their thing. also hair! help me i need to know how to do tht

    • profile image

      strongbow 7 years ago

      ne1 kno how to stop the sims aging for sims 3 on the wii?

    • profile image

      emily gu1098 7 years ago

      u know that in order to get 1,500 lifetime points click(shift+ctrl+c)then type shazaam it does not exactly work but try it u may never know when its gonna work.

      SO TYRY IT!!!!!!!!!!:p

    • profile image

      DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!  7 years ago

      I am so mad at the sims right now every time try toplay t tells me there wa an eror durig start up and i can not even get past he game luncher i had to uninstall all of my expansions without even playin them what do i do i amsadicted and i he nothing to fee my addiction HELP b4 i go crazy I NEED TO PLAY NOW

    • profile image

      Chuck Norris 7 years ago


    • profile image

      meisme 7 years ago

      I SOOO WANT SHORT PEOPLE!!! EA please please allow adjusted height!

    • profile image

      i ride sims people 7 years ago

      ello! i am lindsay lohan!

    • profile image

      baby 7 years ago

      U guys how u get rewards points is u type I "testingcheatsenabled true" without the "" and load your game hint code must be done on the main menu and load game and klik on treasure chest and above the purchase rewards tab there is an icon and u have to cntrl clik in the left hand upper corner and it gives u five hundred points at a time hope I helped all u shazzam guys. It dosent work trust me

    • profile image

      baby 7 years ago

      U guys how u get rewards points is u type I "testingcheatsenabled true" without the "" and load your game hint code must be done on the main menu and load game and klik on treasure chest and above the purchase rewards tab there is an icon and u have to cntrl clik in the left hand upper corner and it gives u five hundred points at a time hope I helped all u shazzam guys. It dosent work trust me

    • profile image

      capricew 7 years ago

      How Do I Get Out Of Cheat Mde On Sims 3 for xbox.?????

    • profile image

      heather  7 years ago

      shazaam doesn't work

    • profile image

      jon 7 years ago

      for sims 3 on xbox you havbe to havea game in progress and got to the main menu in your game and hold lb lt rb rt down at the same time and then buy the pink lama

    • profile image

      anonymus 7 years ago

      to get a vampire get the late night game for the sims 3.

      im so happy

    • profile image

      upset 7 years ago

      ok listenup if you guys ever go to a website that ays babyboom works well it doesn't ive done it 100 times a day 700 times a week. and not once has it worked it supposedly puts a kid in every house.but it don't work.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      is there a way to get a teen/child on the sims3 pregnant it would help.please comment.


    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      is there a way to get a teen/child on the sims3 pregnant it would help.please comment.


    • profile image

      bobjim 7 years ago

      an alternative to getting fertility treatment is to get both parents to read both pregnancy books then eat either 2/3 watermelons for twin/triplet girls or apples for boys, then get some advice on pregnancy from sacred spleen hospital. sure you ve a lower chance than fertility treatment but it does me i tried it out and everything.

    • profile image

      abhishek singh rajput 7 years ago

      my abhishek singh rajput mp

      you my satta namber give

    • profile image

      Kaylyn Ryan 7 years ago


      I hope you guys have a clue about sims 3. I've had every game I thought i knew a lot but apparently i haven't a clue. So, i'm sorta a rebel and i want my teenager to be Pregnant like you use to be able to do in sims 2. I found this could Set age [number]. It isn't working for me.

      thank you for your time and brains, K.R.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      is there a way to force triplets?


    • profile image

      qtonSims3 7 years ago

      the shazaam one does not work as far as i can tell but i did finally find the correct version for family funds..... familyFunds familylastname amount insert your sim family last name and any amount up to 99999999999 this is the most money you can have. if you enter 2 dollars or 2,000 all you will have is 2 dollars to your sim family's name so do not use periods or comas and whatever amount you give your family is the total amount of cash they will have

    • profile image

      AARON 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Tyrah 7 years ago

      you must first do testingcheatsenabled true. That goes with shift-clicking on anything.

    • profile image

      TuTu1212 7 years ago

      For UnlockOutfits, that needs to be done before you eneter create a sim.

      Also, another cheat is testingcheatsenabled true then you go to relationships and you can click on the little bar beneath the picture and make the relationship as high or as low as you please haha.

      Oh, and to get any amount of money, you type in familyfunds LastNameOfFamily AmountOf$-Solike this...familyfunds Adams 500000.

      um...when you click on the mailbox you can make your needs static-it basically freezes your sims needs then to undo it you just click make needs (I forgot what the word was haha)


    • profile image

      The Sims 3 Babiee 7 years ago

      I made a woman and an old man. The old man died and is now a ghost that comes at night. He is the womans fiancée but he won't do anything with her. and i really want them to have a ghost baby. any help?? xxx

    • profile image

      Liz 7 years ago


      This so did not help me at all!!!

      I want to find out if there is a cheat to make your sim fall in love!!!!

    • profile image

      Deano 7 years ago

      So many dumb questions, for half of these "problems" / questions just restart your game.

      Learn to spell so we can figure out what your asking.

      "SHIFT CLICK" after entering the cheat code "testingCheatsEnabled true"

      try reading just a few more words, it takes seconds out of your precious time.

    • profile image

      Kab 7 years ago

      i had 2 babys i onley want one ow do i get rid of the one baby?


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