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Sims 4 Machinima Tips & Tricks

Updated on May 9, 2015

What is Machinima?

  • So You Wanna Make Sims 4 Machinima?

Machinima is a new aged "title" for real-time computer graphics that create a cinematic production. Machinima-based artists called "machinimists" develop their work and share it online for community viewing.

Anyone can become a "machinimists". Do you create YouTube videos from popular games? If yes, You are a Machinima Creator. For further knowledge on what "Machinima" is all about refer to ---> Wikipedia


Roll over image to zoom in Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum [Download]

Sims 4 Programs & Tools

So what tools do I need to develop a Sims 4 Movie?

Here are some great tools and programs to take into consideration while planning your next Sims 4 machinima!

  • Sims 4 Studio
  • S4pe
  • TS4 CAS/Mesh Tool
  • The Sims 4: CAS Recolor Tool
  • Caster - Create a Style for The Sims 4
  • A video editor, Such as Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas (Needs to open avi. files)
  • A sound editor for audio (audacity is good & free)

So you wanna take on putting your own custom content into the Sims 4 game! Here's a quick jump start on the programs that you will need to get started.

Meshing Tools Visit MTS4 For More In-depth Tutorials

  • Data File Tool @ MTS by velocitygrass
  • Milkshape 1.8.5 Trial
  • TS4 CAS/MESH Tool by CmarNYC
  • S4PE - Sims 4 Package Editor @ Sims4Group by Kuree
  • The Sims 4 Studio
  • TSR Workshop download


Plan The Scene

Imagination is the key to success!

Planning and Writing down a storyline helps keep your vision in order. You may want to tell a story with music or tell a story with VO (Voice Over). How many Characters will each scene have? There's so many details in planning and plotting a Sims 4 Movie.

Some Ideas:

  • Publish a casting call on youtube for voice actors (Get Good Voice audio that fits your characters)
  • Use an online story board creator to keep scenes organized example:
  • Watch a ton of Sims 4 machinima from around the community
  • Recreate a music video or favorite movie or book scene
  • Create a funny short skit
  • Good old pen and paper :)

Where does your Movie take place?

  • England
  • The Future
  • Old Cafe
  • War Era

Determine the feel and look that best fits your screenplay. Are your characters old? Do they start in the future and go back in time? Imagine a creative and thought out scenario for each scene. Be patient and take your time.

Set The Scene - Adding Custom Content

Sims 4 & Custom Content:

Making videos does not require any extra custom content or meshes. It's always fun to add custom things to your game! Having Custom Content inside your Sims 4 game is really fun and easy! Look around the community to find stuff for your scenes. If you need an old diner.... I'm sure someone has made a nifty looking diner for your Sims 4 game.

Some Popular Sims 4 Sites:

  • The Sims Resource (TSR)
  • Mod The Sims 4

If you want your videos to stand out from everyone else you need to put in time and effort. Make that back alley look like a real back alley! Do some homework and find the right custom content for your scenes.

Editing Basic Camera Settings

To Make Sims 4 Movies or Machinima,

You need to learn the basics of camera movement and settings.

  • V: Press { V } To start and end video recording.
  • C: Press { C } To capture a single camera screenshot (PNG)
  • Tab: Press { Tab } To hide the dashboard and screen motives
  • Shift + A or Shift + B: Press { Shift A } or { Shift B } To tilt the camera smoothly
  • W, D, A, And S: Press { W } { D } { A } { S } Moves the camera Forward, Right, Left, And Backwards
  • Z and X: Press { Z } and { X } Zooms the camera in and out
  • Q and E: Press { Q } and { E } Pans the camera up and down smoothly
  • + and - : Press { + } { - } Zooms the camera faster in and out

Preset Camera Angles

Video Recording Tip:

You can set 5 different camera angles 5,6,7,8,9

Hit the Tab key.

Find the location that you like with your camera then

hold Ctrl + 5 (or 6, 7, 8, 9) to set that angle.

Capturing Video In The Sims 4

One Of The Best Little Tricks.....

Filming in HD dimensions:

We want to edit our camera files so we can film bigger and better inside the Sims 4 game.

C://ProgramFiles/TheSims4/Game/Bin/Res VideoRecording

Right click open with notepad. Let's change these settings to:

Large = 1280,720 (Now we are ready to save) File Save!

  • More File Editing!!

Let's Edit the Camera Transition in game (For smoother angles and shots)

Let's go find the folder


Right click the file and make a back up copy of it. Paste the copy on your desktop or anywhere safe. (It's a good idea to store the original in case you need to revert back to it)

Open the video Camera file with Notepad.

You should see something like this below......

Move = 1.0
MaxMoveSpeed = 200.0
MoveVertical = 1.0
MaxVerticalMoveSpeed = 200.0
Zoom = 60.0
Pitch = 0.003
Yaw = 0.003
PitchKeyboard = 0.872665
YawKeyboard = 1.221730
Roll = 0.6
MinSpeedHeight = 5.0
MaxSpeedHeight = 300.0
FastModifier = 5.0

Move = 0.02

MinPitch =-85.0
MaxPitch = 85.0
MinRoll =-360.0
MaxRoll = 360.0
MinPosHeight = 0.2
MaxPosHeight = 800.0
MaxPosDistThreshold = 1200.0

FOV = 45.0
TargetPointDist = 2.0
TargetPointLimit = 150.0

[Default interpolator parameters]
DefaultInterpolatorType = Linear
DefaultInterpolatorTime = 2.0

[Camera 5 interpolator parameters]
InterpolatorType = Linear
InterpolatorTime = 2.0

[Camera 6 interpolator parameters]
InterpolatorType = EasyInOut
InterpolatorTime = 18.0

Here we can change the "InterpolatorTime = 18.0" To InterpolatorTime = 30.0

Or play around until you find something you like.

Editing the InterpolatorType

EasyOut = Start fast, ends Slow
EasyIn = Start slow, ends fast
EasyInOut = Start slow speed up ends slow
Linear = original

InterpolatorType = EasyInOut To InterpolatorType = EasyOut

Be creative and try different settings to see what works best for your shots.

Control + Shift + C

Wanna plug into the Sims 4 Game console cheat window?

Easy... Control + Shift + C

After pressing Control + Shift + C you will see a shaded window appear on the top of your screen. Here you will be able to enter codes and cheats to unlock careers, money, aspiration, and many more awesome cheats. In order to start using the cheat console we will have to enable the cheats in the new window.

Press: Control + Shift + C

Enter: testingcheats on

Then Hit Enter Key on your Keyboard :)

Your cheat window is now active!! YAY!

From here we can now bring up the cheat window again

( Press: Control + Shift + C )

try some of these cool cheats:

  • kaching - Gives the family Money instantly $1000
  • Motherlode - Gives the family $50,000
  • death.toggle true/false
  • hideheadlineeffects Turns headline effects over your Sims on and off. This is good for taking screenshots or making Sims 4 movies.
  • freerealestate Makes Sims 4 houses free
  • bb.moveobjects - This let's you pick up anything even Sims!
  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement - This cheat unlocks the locked rooms in the catalog.
  • Shift-Click the Mailbox Gives the ability to lock needs for your current Sim household and make all your sims very happy with green bars.
  • Shift-Clicking the Ground will let you and your sim Teleport anywhere on the lot.

Finishing Up

I have a ton of AVI. Files..... Now What?

Well it's time to put all the tedious camera shots into one masterpiece. It's time to learn some editing skills and bring our film to life. Don't know how or where to start editing?

Getting Started Pointer's:

  • Try putting your video's in 16:9 Ratio format
  • Color enhance video's
  • Contrast & Sharpen (Not Too Much)
  • Fade & Transition's are neat (Don't have too many transitions)
  • Background Cinematic music is a plus to add too :)
  • Sound Effects SFX
  • Overlays & Intros

Read lot's of video editing tutorials! YouTube is really great to learn from.

Another cool trick is to have green screen walls in game for filming cool scenes.

Note: Making a working folder for all your clips is a good idea.


THANKS For Reading!

Thanks for reading and following along to learn a little about Sims 4 Machinima tricks and ideas to make super awesome Sims 4 videos to upload and share with the Sims 4 community. I hope your machinima projects turn out explosive!

Here's one of my all time favorite Sims 4 VO Series on Youtube......

My Favorite Sims 4 VO Series "Alone"

Create.Share.Explore Sims 4

5 stars for The Sims 4

My Sims 4 Review

On September 2, 2014 The Sims 4 Was released to the community of Sims Lovers. I couldn't wait to play with all the intuitive interactions that the game promised. Once purchased I began my Sims 4 quest. Comparing what I liked about it and what I didn't like about it. I have to say I am a huge huge Sims 2 fan. I love Sims 2 over Sims 3! Sims 4 was definitely quite different from Sims 2 and 3. The loading times in Sims 4 were lightning fast and amazing. Even later down the road adding custom content to the game rendered faster and loaded faster. The create a Sim tool is fun and enjoyable. Easy point and click navigation. The graphics requirements were surprisingly not as demanding as Sims 3 was. I have to say Sims 4 was worth experiencing. If you love Sims 2 and Sims 3..... Maybe Sims 4 will be Amazing Too!

Sims 4 Poll

Are You Interested In Making A Sims 4 Video?

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© 2015 Stephanie Love21


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      17 months ago

      my Sims 4 won't let me on it now that I have cc what should I do?

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      3 years ago

      Do i have to charge the default interpolator parameter settings along with both camera 5 interpolator parameters and camera 6 interpolator parameters too please respond back


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