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Sinister Woods Walkthrough- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Version (enemies in sinister woods)

Updated on September 20, 2012

Sinister Woods Basics

Uh oh, Caterpie's friend Metapod needs some rescuing and you are the pokemon for the job. There are 13 floors in this dungeon, with the 13th floor being where you fight the boss team. Make sure you bring some berries to heal status conditions with or else you might not make it all the way through on your first few tries.

Requirements for Sinister Woods

Just like the last dungeon, Mt. Steel, you have to complete some rescue missions before you can even go to Sinister Woods and move along in the story line. Defeat Skarmory and then complete 5 rescue missions to open access to Sinister Woods.

Pokemon in Sinister Woods

There are pokemon a'plenty in this dungeon including many who poison and paralyze their enemies.

Swinub- Floors 1-3

Oddish- Floors 1-4

Sudowoodo- Floors 1-4

Sunflora- Floors 2-7

Sentret Floors 3-6

Silcoon- Floors 4-6

Cascoon- Floors 4-6

Shroomish- Floors 6-12

Linoone- Floors 7-9

Ledyba- Floors 7-10

Wooper- Floors 8-10

Scyther- Floors 8-11

Exeggutor- Floors 10-12

HootHoot- Floors 10-12

Slakoth- Floors 10-12

Team Meanies- Floor 13

Dangers of Sinister Woods

Although all the pokemon have a chance of being a dangerous pokemon, unless you leveled yourself up to an outrageous level for some reason, you should pay close attention to these three specifically.

Oddish- This pokemon knows absorb, which is dangerous especially for water rock and ground pokemon but also heals the user so take it out before it saps too much of your team's HP.

Sunflora- Watch out for it's pound attack, it can deal a good amount of damage sometimes even 18 HP. Take it out with a fire move before it pounds you into defeat.

Sudowoodo- The danger here is for people who think it's a grass type. Sudowoodo is a deadly pokemon and is a rock type so soak him into rubble.

Boss Battle Sinister Woods Team Meanies

The boss battle here may be a bit more difficult for players as it is a team battle. There are three pokemon in Team Meanies including, Gengar, Medicham, and Ekans. Don't be discouraged if they wipe the floor with you the first couple times, they aren't meant to be easy.

Gengar- Use psychic, ghost, and dark type moves.

Medicham- Flying and ghost moves here.

Ekans- Ground and psychic moves.

So basically, if you have a psychic pokemon, take it with you and try to keep it alive until the boss battle. Then use it to take out Ekans and Gengar, leaving Medicham and giving you a little easier time with a 2/3-on-1 battle.


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