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Skate Boarding's Light On Society

Updated on January 2, 2010

Street Skating

why ban where skaters skate they do it any way
why ban where skaters skate they do it any way

Good and Bad to public Skating

In today society skaters are looked down upon in most urban areas as hoodlums. Why is this? They are merely athletes trying to progress in there sport, why deny them the right to skate where they want. Skateboarding has been around for awhile now and has been a growing sport with large amounts of publicity and revenue. My argument is if we ban where skaters are allowed to skate how are we shaping the way the sport progresses are we causing extinction.

         Most famous skaters today such as Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, and even Tony Alva all started out skating public areas such as private lots, because most of these lots offered perfect skate opportunities to them. Sure they could have gone to the skate park but nowadays even then skate parks aren't built the way skaters desire them. It is my opinion that skate parks should be built in the eyes of the skaters not the eyes of the community if this is how the community wants to keep us out of private property then leave it to the skaters to decide how there parks we be built.

         Even though skate parks offer retreat from private property it still doesn't solve the fact that not every skater can go to a skate park in some urban and rural areas the closest skate park could be within hours of there house. What do these skaters do especially if skating is a gate way to get skaters out of a bad home with abusive parents? Do we really refuse these skaters a far opportunity to progress there skills. Should we allow them to skate these private areas given the fact that these are the only obtainable areas to skate. I say yes, but if we deny then we are taking from there first amendment the freedom of expression. Skating is more then just a physical activity it offers creativity  to the artist that is the skater by taking this away we are taking away there freedom to expression and this in turn is breaking a law, a law that constitutes are rights if we cant abide by this law what law can we abide by?

      It is my opinion that skating in should not be ban anywhere allow the artist to create there masterpieces. By doing this, less and less skaters lose there opportunity to achieve greatness, crime is lessened due to freedom of expression, and more power is given to the people. Save Skating one day at time.



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    • profile image

      D. Galloway (Chardeath10) 

      6 years ago

      Someone Asked Me What Is It That I See in Skateboarding?. I Thought Long And Hard And Then Told Them This. " When I First Started Skating It Wasn't To Get Sponsered It WasN't To Get Girls( But They Came) And It Wasn't To Prove Anything" But I Still Had Not Answered The Question So I Started Pacing Then Finally I Told Them " When i Skate It's Like Stepping Into Someone Else's Shoe's Like Looking Out A New Pair Of Eye's. No matter How Cloudy My Mind Became With Stress Skating Was There. Even When My Heart Grew Faint With Worry Skating Still Remained There. My Soul Grew Heavy With Doubt And skating Still Found Me Lost In A Sea Of Aniexty I Tured To Skating And It Was waiting" The Person Said Wow Thats Deep But I Was On A Roll. " I Lost Freinds To Drugs Girlfreinds To Fame And Family To Disbelief But Never Did Skating Show Me Up. From A Solid Kickflip To A Stessed Out Tre. Even After Saying All This To You I Just Relized That I Found A Best Freind Someone To Count On" I Paused Then Looked Reality Dead In The Face Right Past Sucide Right Past Hopelessnes Up Close In The Face Of Depression And Turned My Back On Lonliness Yes I laughed And Then Told Chance That " I See A New Life In Skateboarding"( I wrote this to let people know what i felt when i skated)

    • profile image

      8 years ago


    • apStumbo profile image


      8 years ago

      Yeah, bro. I almost completely agree. The more we label skaters as 'hoodlums', the more they will become hoodlums. If skaters were appreciated, it would have a positive effect on the skaters and the city.


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