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Collect Skeleton Keys - Buy Online

Updated on March 19, 2011

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton keys are those that can unlock just about any warded lock. These keys have been filed or cut so to unlock any lock.

They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, which is why skeleton locks are very popular and highly collectible.

Because there is so much mystery that surrounds the individual skeleton keys, as to their history, make, and true purpose, these have become very popular and collectable. If you find the true beauty within skeleton keys, definitely consider starting up a small collection.

Skeleton key collections are great for beginner collectors and true hobbyist and historians. These keys widely range in age, make, metal, country of origin, and design.

Collect Keys Online

If you're looking to add more skeleton keys to your collection, you should definitely check out eBay, as you can find very unique keys that you may not otherwise find.

There are many sellers who offer one or two keys per auction, whereas other may offer much larger lots of skeleton keys. You can find skeleton keys from many different countries, which should definitely enhance the value of your collection.

If you want to find other means of purchasing skeleton keys besides eBay, you may want to consider collector's clubs, collector websites, and even hobbyist expos.

  • Great collectors clubs that you may want to consider can include American Lock Collectors and West Coast Lock Collectors who meet worldwide througout the year.
  • There are various websites where you can connect with other key collectors; is a popular site to consider.
  • Antique stores, second hand stores, salvage shops, and even pawn shops are decents places where you may find keys that may interest you.

These keys can range in purchase price of $0.50 to over $10.00 a key, or you can purchase lots at discount prices. But, the cool thing about collecting skeleton keys, is that their value increases, especially depending on what all and how much you know about the individual keys. The more rare the key, the older the key, and the more unique the design, the more valuable the skeleton key will be.

There are skeleton keys from the 1700s that are valued at over $1,000.

Collecting skeleton keys is a fun, educational, and potentially financially beneficial.


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