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Skip the Lines, Buy your Nintendo 3DS online!

Updated on January 23, 2011

The nintendo 3DS launch is right around the corner. And if previous nintendo console launches are any indication, the 3DS is going to be an extremely hot commodity. For the last few months the internet has been abuzz with rumors, speculation and pure excitement for the 3DS since it was first seen at 2010's E3. So far, only a lucky few (game reviewers) have been able to get their hand on nintendo's latest console, but that is set to change in February with 3DS release in Japan and the following world wide release in March.

Buy the 3DS Online

Trust me! It's the best way to go. Get online and head to your favorite internet retailer and buy the 3DS from the comfort of your own home. And don't forget to pick up as many launch games as you possibly can. Skip all the drama and annoyance of waiting for hours in line to get a hold of your 3DS.

Waiting inline for a launch of any product, particularly a gaming console is a gamble not to mention a huge hassle. First of all you have to get there early and bundle up for the weather. You have to bring food and entertainment (an old fashioned DS seems fitting) and wait for hours and hours for the store to open. If you don't get their early enough you may find that by the time you get into the store the 3DS has already been sold out making the whole ordeal a complete waste of time.

Whats even worse is getting a hold of 3DS and finding that all the games have been completely sold out. A 3DS with no games makes for a very sad launch day.

So skip the hassle and the possible heart break and buy your 3DS and all the launch games you can to go with it online!

Why are people so excited about the 3DS?

The biggest reason is that it's going to have 3D!!! It's going to be the first console to have true 3D technology. Not only that, it's also one of the first devices to be capable of 3D video playback. All without glasses. Not even the current generation of 3D TVs are capable of glasses-less 3D playback!

And while the 3DS still carries the DS designation and has a similar outward design, don't be fooled. The 3DS is actually almost a completely new console. It still carries the double screen clamshell design with a touch screen on the bottom, but this time around nintendo has added some much more serious gaming hardware to the inside of the 3DS.

It will feature a much more powerful processor as well as more RAM and this time around, a dedicated Graphics card specially designed for it. All this adds up to a much more intense mobile gaming experience with 3D gaming in more ways than one.

On top of this, the 3DS has accelerometers and gyroscopes included to add movement controls similar to Nintendo's Wii console's wiimotes.

Included also are 2 camera's capable of taking 3D images!

Check out some of these useful links below to learn more about the 3DS. 


Thanks for reading my article about buying the 3DS online and skipping those long lines at launch date. Check back for more updates on all things 3DS. Please leave a comment below. Have fun and happy 3DS gaming!


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