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Skoodlez Plush Toy Widens the Imagination and Opens Online Storytelling for Kids

Updated on August 18, 2015


Skoodlez are similar to the Webkinz dolls, in the sense that they come with a code that unlocks features on their website. Each Skoodlez plush doll come with a 'samoleez,' which is a coin that holds the secret code for the website. Kids can log on and use the code to play games, tell stories, and have fun in an online playground.

The Skoodlez website allows kids to invent creative writing stories, where they can tell a story, fill in the blanks, or make a story from provided words. There are four levels to play on, and the kids can save their stories, publish them, and have others vote on them. The stories can even be printed and/or emailed from the website.

This is a fun way to get children interested in writing, grammar, and overall language arts, and all it takes is a cute Skoodlez plush doll.

The plush animals are soft and made with high quality fabrics that are safe for children aged 4 and older. These animals come in fun characters and designs such as mice, monkeys, bears, dogs, and everything in-between.

The Skoodlez dolls have weighted hands and feet, that allow children to drape and pose them into unique positions.

So, when you buy one Skoodlez plush animal, you are not only buying a cute fuzzy animal that can be loved on and played with, but you are promoting education and writing. When you can get children into using their imagination and writing, you get them learning.

The Skoodlez toys can be played with by anyone over the age of 4, but they're ideal for children between 4 and 12.

Personally, I don't have a Skoodlez toy, but I'm quite interested in purchasing one and checking out the whole ordeal. I think I'm fond of the Skoodlez mouse - Blue Cheese.

Buy Skoodlez Online

When buying the Skoodlez toys, you can find them at many different stores locally, which makes things convenient, but you'll be paying a higher price. And, who wants to do that?

When buying toys online, you can combine shipping in order to get the best deal, but most importantly you can get better prices. Not only can you search eBay for discount Skoodlez plush toys, but you can check Amazon out as well.

Most of the Skoodlz plush toys are being sold on Amazon for about $4 to $8, which knocks at least $10 off the retail price. When buying Skoodlez on eBay, you can find great discount prices, but they'll vary per seller.

Below, you'll find the more popular Skoodlez toys that Amazon has listed. They range from a panda, zebra, bear, mouse, dog, elephant, duck, orangutan, lion, giraffe, to anything in-between.


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