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Sky Pyramid, Minecraft Sky Survival Map (Download + Review)

Updated on November 23, 2011
I like to think of this as a blank slate...
I like to think of this as a blank slate...

Sky Pyramid is yet another sky island survival map, but this one comes in both normal survival and 'if you die, you will be forced to manually delete your save forever' modes. I played the map in normal survival mode, on account of the fact that I am not nearly brave enough to risk losing my save if I happen to accidentally trip and fall off the map.

The first thing I found myself liking about this map is the spaciousness it provides. Most sky survival maps sort of pen you into a space too small for a pig to live in (pigs are notorious for living in small spaces, you need only look to the box pigs of Kuala Lampur for evidence of that, but I digress.) This one gives you lots of space and grass.

Of course, the feeling of space is sort of a trick because you're standing atop an inverted pyramid. This means you've got to be very careful about where you're digging and always mind the old minecraft adage, never mine straight down.

There's a starting chest with a few goodies in it, a handful of obsidian and quite a lot of string. Unlike many other survival maps however, there isn't enough in there to spoil the 'survival' aspect of the game, you're still going to have to work hard to make it out alive. A few extra stashes of goodies can be found here and there, and though ores are relatively rare, they can be found if you put your mind to it.

I enjoyed this survival map a great deal, mostly because I felt as if I was given just enough resources to really 'colonize' the place, if you will. No animals spawn at first, because you're too close to the grass, so there's that issue to sort out, and there's also the clay ball that sits tantalizingly just off the 'coast' of the island which is replete with all the resources you need to bake clay bricks. After just two days, the island was already looking wildly different than it had done when I got there. There was a sky bridge to the clay asteroid, the island was covered in trees (I found sufficient saplings to basically forest the entire place) and I was already working on creating my own outlying plots of land upon which I would farm animals and whatnot. I was also well on my way to hollowing out the interior of the island with all the ravenous greed of a Wall St banker.

This is a neat, very well balanced survival map that will engage you and entertain you on even the rainiest of weekends.

Download Pyramid Minecraft Sky Survival Map

The morning of Day 3, the island is much changed.
The morning of Day 3, the island is much changed.


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