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Skyforge PS4 Review

Updated on April 27, 2017


Become an immortal in Skyforge, a new free to play Action MMORPG set in the unique sci-fi/fantasy world of Aelion. Your home planet needs a guardian - one that fights back the invaders that are threatening your world. Use your gift of immortality to battle the never-ending invasions in action-packed combat. With 14 wildly different classes to choose from and a universe full of content to fight through and explore, Skyforge offers dozens of hours of adventures for all types of MMO players.

Free to play

On the Playstation Store, there are loads of categories of games. For this one, you can find it under the 'Free to play' sub category.
Skyforge is in fact free to play, you don't need Playstation Plus membership to play with other's, so for those of you that don't keep an active paid subscription to the service this could be the game for you.

Character customization

When you first install the game, you are prompted to create your character.
You can choose from the basics, male or female, then they suggest a pre-set for you to choose.

The character customization of this game is really good for a Free-to-play, you can customize anything from your face to your body features, make your avatar into a muscle-bound Adonis or chubby little munch-kin.
I would advise against getting too carried away with the female side of customization, as you can in fact make your breasts ridiculously large, I did this with my first character but soon changed it because it's not that appealing.

All in all if you're wanting a character to look like you, you very well can!

Any armour you fancy!

As well as your character's looks, you have a wide variety of armour concepts you can wear, and change at any time!
You don't wear armour in Skyforge for any reason but cosmetic, the store has a wide variety of costumes for you to purchase, you get free ones and you can unlock class specific costumes via quests. You also get some pretty cool ones from specific feats and quest lines.

Abilities and skills

Every class in Skyforge has it's own abilities, ones that you must unlock via a Class temple quest line after you receive the class.
Then you have other skills you can acquire by doing other quests known as bastion quests.
See the detailed explanation video above for more info, but the skills are quite easy to pick up once you get started.


The Player versus player on this game is ridiculously fun.
The PS4 version of the game currently has two game modes as of this moment, a 6-player free for all and a 3v3 team match.

For the solo gamer the free for all is madness, it's really fun and you can find yourself queueing for it time after time, and you get rewards for participating too! Ranging from gear to followers and power.

The 3v3 game is good if you like to PuG(Pick up group) but a lot more enjoyable for the pre-made teams of friends.
The video above shows my personal opinion of one certain class Slayer in the PvP arena's. I didn't do too well in this instant but my overall opinion of the content is very high.
If you enjoy PvP, get this game.

Dungeons and Raiding

Right now as I speak the system of the group finder is somewhat lacking.
You've spent the last few weeks building up your prestige level(power) and you're ready to raid, great!
You join the queue and then get put with inexperienced low-powered cannon fodder, it won't go well and you'll wipe, probably need to take a break.

However, should you find a good decent Pantheon (This games version of a clan) with players that are active, grouping up for these dungeons and raids can be challenging and fun for the participants, and very rewarding!

Final thoughts

To conclude, I'd give this game a solid 4/5 stars.
The game itself I cannot flaw, the community surrounding the game on social media are great, they are very helpful.
However, the lost star is only due to the game being new, it needs a lot of balancing to make it a bit smoother and fun to play.

My Rating of Skyforge

4 stars for Skyforge

Will you get this game?

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