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Skyrim, Changing Your Spouse's (Wife/Husband) Clothing Permanently.

Updated on January 21, 2012

Skyrim Spouse

I quick traveled back to my fully decked out house in Solitude. I needed to unload some things and craft a couple items. As I was slowly making my way down to my storage and crafting area, I got a good look at Ysolde still in her ratty blue dress. She was a convenient wife at the start for my archer/sneak character as her quest was easy enough to finish and I did not want a follower wife. I prefer to work alone OR with my pal, Cicero. Ysolde had her own house in Whiterun that I used to store items and early game she helped me generate a decent income so I could afford arrows. I found she was also a convenient merchant to unload miscellaneous items, some of the other possible wives already have a shop and only trade in those items. She also has a rather convenient quirk about her because there is a special quest where you can turn in Sleeping Tree Sap for additional income. Anyway, point is I found her convenient for my early game needs but she was starting to annoy me. I had the most expensive house in the game and tons of wealth but there she was still running around in some peasant dress and, because I get immersed more than is healthy, I felt like a cheap ass and that she wasn't being treated right. I ignored the issue at first but as I began to customize other basic things it irritated me to no end that there was no option to customize her clothes at the very least.

About this time I began to look at console commands and what I consider "legal mods" for game customization. I consider legal mods to be mods that add to the richness of the player experience and don't make the actual game any easier or imbalance basic game mechanics. Usually they are things that I consider logically sound and should have been in the original release of the game. If you can customize a display case, mannequin, or weapon rack...then you should be able to change out spouse clothing. I discovered a method where I could change out Ysolde's clothing but it wasn't permanent and I ran into some other issues. Google didn't turn up what I was looking for specifically and that is part of the point of this article. Much later, I found an excellent mod to make my wishes come true. It should also be noted this mod isn't limited to just clothes and you can more or less customize any and all NPC in a multitude of ways.

Screenshot from my game
Screenshot from my game


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      Dovahkiin 3 years ago


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      Mohammed 5 years ago

      Thanks friend that was great!

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      Wizard 5 years ago

      same thing as above, thanks for the tip!

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      JF 5 years ago

      Just what I was looking for, thanks.