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Skyrim Daedtric Artifacts locations

Updated on October 9, 2014

Finding Daedric Artifacts in Skyrim

Are you looking to find all 16 Daedric artifacts in Skyrim but are having some trouble? This article is here to help you out! I will be sharing what the artifact name, location and quest needed to get it. Some are more difficult to obtain then others but with hard work and dedication you can find all of them.

Azura's Star
Azura's Star | Source

Azura's Star/Black Star

The quest is The Black Star quest given to you by Aranea Lenith at the Shrine of Azura. The shrine is located south of Winderhold.


The quest for this item is The Break of Dawn and is given to you by Meridia herself but you must first find her beacon. You start this quest at Meridia's shrine located West of Solitude and north of Haafingar Stormcloak Camp.

Ebony Blade

Quest for this is The Whispering Door, given to you by Hulda, and you can find her in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. For this quest you must complete Dragon Rising and be at least level 20.


Ebony Mail

The quest for this item is Boethiah's Calling given to you by either one of Boethiah's Cultists or by reading the book Boethiah's Proving. The cultists are located in the Sacellum of Boethiah that is East of Windhelm past Hollyfrost Farm. You must also be level 30 before you can start this quest.

Mace of Molag Bal

The House of Horrors is the quest needed to obtain this item. Vigilant Tyranus gives you this quest in the abandoned house in Markarth.

Mask of Clavicus Vile

A Daedra's Best Friend quest is given to you by Barbas the dog in the road just outside of Falkreith. You must be level 10 to start this quest.


Mehrunes' Razor

This quest Pieces of the Past is the quest given to you by Silus Vesuius in Dawnstar. You should be stopped by a courier and given an invitation from Silus and/or be level 20 to start this quest.

Oghma Infinium

Discerning the Transmundane is a quest you are given by Septimus Signus who can be found in Septimus Signus's Outpost. The outpost is a cave located North of Winterhold, and you must be level 15 to start this quest.

Ring of Namira

The Taste of Death quest is given to you by Eola in the Hall of the Dead located in Markarth's keep.

Sanguine Rose

A Night to Remember is the quest given to you by Sam Guevenne and he can show up in any random Tavern in Skyrim. You must be level 15 to begin this quest.

Savior's Hide
Savior's Hide | Source

Savior's Hide/Ring of Hircine

Ill met by Moonlight quest is given to you by Mathies or Singding. They can be found in Falkreath. No level requirements for this quest.

Skeleton Key

This item is obtained through a Thieves Guild quest called Blindsighted and is given to you by Brynjolf located in the Ratway in Rifton.

Skull of Corruption

Waking Nightmare quest is given to you by Erandur in Dawnstar. The quest continues into the Nightcaller Temple located just below Dawnstar.


The quest for this item is The Only Cure given by Kesh the Clean in the Shrine to Peryite. The shrine is located in the Reach, far northeast of Markarth and directly southwest of Dragontooth Crater and Harmugstahl.

Volendrung | Source


The Cursed Tribe quest is in Largashbur and is given to you by Atub. Largashbur is located in the Rift's southern mountains southwest of lake honrich. Must be level 9 or higher to get this quest.


The Mind of Madness is the quest needed for this item and it's given to you by Dervenin in Solitude. He can be found wondering the streets near the Blue Palace talking to himself.

There is the list of all 16 Daedric Artifacts that are in the game. You only need to collect 15 of them to complete the achievement (Xbox 360) or to get your trophy (Playstation). I hope this helps you locate and obtain these artifacts. If you have any questions about these please feel free to leave a comment.


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