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Skyrim Giant Kills Dragon

Updated on November 12, 2011

So, while playing Skyrim today I came upon a rather amusing occurrence; a Giant killed a dragon for me. Sweet of him, right? I had just traveled to Dawnstar and was speaking to some traders about a sidequest. During the conversation, I idly noted a Giant strolling around the background and wondered why it was on the move. I forgot about it when a dragon flew overhead, thoughts of the Giant lost in my swearing and frantic clicking to exit the speech menu.

As my companion and I chased after it, I was surprised to see it landing away from us and apparently tackling another foe. Then I remembered the Giant. Sure enough, I crested the hill to see this:

Both of them ignored me as the Giant clubbed the flame-spewing beast. I thought the dragon would take out a single Giant for sure, but they both stood strong. Eventually the dragon took off and started carpet-bombing the area.

The dragon hit its target on a sweep through...

And then nearly barbecued me on the way past. Sometimes, standing by and watching two legendary creatures destroy each other is just so hard.

I figured things were all but over for the Giant as the dragon wheeled around and landed again. It had gotten in many more hits than the Giant, but as I've mentioned elsewhere, I have good reason to believe that Giants are the strongest monsters in the game.

Still, I was surprised when the Giant delivered the final blow. The dragon roared and fell to the snow, defeated, with the Giant still at approximately 60% health.

The Giant was simply too awesome to bother watching it die and went off to club some random passerby to death. I took the opportunity to claim the dragon's soul and loot, and then make my escape. Thanks, Giant! I'm sorry I keep shooting your mammoths.

Check out that swagger in the background. The Giant knows who's the real boss around Skyrim.


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    • profile image

      Roel 5 years ago

      This happened to me too, I'm a bit dissappointed at how weak the dragons can be. My mage zaps them to death without even trying.. I do not fear dragons, but I dread snow saber cats.

    • Gofygure profile image

      Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA

      Yes, the dragons are pretty cool looking but as far as substance goes they disappoint me. I should not be able to half-ass my way through a battle with one when other monsters have me on edge and fighting for dear life.

    • profile image

      KingKripter 5 years ago

      Hey this happened to me also!But the giant lost by getting litterley launched into the air and landed right on it's face. When that happened I laughed so freakin hard that I cried. :)

    • profile image

      Dylan 5 years ago

      i play on Expert and i 3 shot dragons on my 35 i use light armor and 2 deadric swords only one dragon gave me a challenge and that's alduin

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