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Skyrim - Guide To Success On A Mage.

Updated on March 22, 2012

Pure Destruction Mage

You probably came here and started reading this because:

1. You want to be a mage and don't know where to start.

2. Want to find out what class to be on Skyrim.

3. You are my mom or dad.

Well it doesn't matter to me, I am going to tell you the perks you need, armor and race. Now for a race you will want a High Elf because they get the extra 50 magicka but in end all, it does not matter. My mage is a Khajiit and it's almost invincible. Well after that you will want to focus on robes for armor. You will be able to get better armor but first get your enchanting and smithing to 100. I would make Daedric because it looks amazing. It is also better then and heavier then dragon plate if you wait for 100 in smithing to upgrade and make it, if I remember correctly. Also get perks in heavy armor once that is done. Ok now for main skills you will want. For Destruction you will want perks going all the way up to master, dual casting, impact, Augmented flames 2/2 and anything else you would like. In Conjuration you will want, summoner 2/2, Atromancy, elemental potency and Twin souls. Also you can go up to master but that doesn't really matter. And in Restoration get recovery 2/2, Avoid Death, Adept Restoration and Regeneration. If you want to get into alteration and illusion go ahead. Now finally enchantments you will want. Get a ring and a necklace to enchant as well. Well you want fortify destruction and fortify restoration on the ring necklace helmet and chest. And you increase magicka and created potions are 25% powerful on gauntlets. And I put increases Fire Resistance and increases frost resistence on mine but for that I will leave it up to you.

I hope the helped, leave a comment you have any question. Peace!


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