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Skyrim Joining the Bards College

Updated on July 31, 2012
Ariel View of the College
Ariel View of the College

Where to find the Bard's College

The Bard's College is a little known faction in Skyrim. If you talk to bards in taverns and on the roads you will all suggest you go visit it. Little did you know it was a whole quest line just waiting for you.

The Bard's College is on a cliff overlooking water on the southeast side of Solitude.

The quest line will start you off with a bang getting you involved with the corruption of one of the old kings of Skyrim.

The Acceptance Quest

In order to become part of the College of Bards in Skyrim you must first complete the acceptance quest. You get the quest from the guild master whose name is Viarmo. He is located at the Bard's College.

The acceptance quest if called Tending the Flames. Due to the assassination of the high king is Skyrim his wife is grieving and demands that the festival be canceled. In order to ease the mind of the widow Viarmo wants to play her King Olaf's Verse.

The only problem is that King Olaf's Verse was lost thousands of years ago. Luckily for us the Dean of History at the College is found a clue and discovered for us that it is inside of Dead Men's Respite.

Go to Dead Men's Respite at the mountains southwest of Morthal and enter. Once inside you will see a ghost disappears through a door. Pick up the Ruby Dragon Claw and the door will open. Fight your way through the tunnels until you find the old King Olaf's corpse and the verse will be on his body.

Once you return the version to the Bard's College you will learn that much of the verse is illegible. You and Viarmo will have to sing the verse and you will have to make up parts as you go.

Your reward depends on your audiences reactions to what you make up. After wards Viarmo will confession his true verse to the widow and you will be made part of the guild

What to expect next.

After completing the acceptance quest there are an addition three quests. They are Flynn's Lute, Pantea's Flute, and Rjorn's Drum. As you can tell each one of the quests resolves around a specific instrument.

Flynn's Lute leads you to a bandit infested cave. Pantea's Flute takes you into combat with a necromancer cult. Rjorn's Drum finally leads you into a fight with the undead. Through much blood shed you will retrieve the long lost and legendary instruments for the Bard's Guild in Skyrim.

Unfortunately you cannot gain the ability to play instruments in this game so they are all adventure or combat based. But, then again, adventure and combat isn't a bad thing at all even if it isn't that imaginative. So draw your sword and spill blood for the glory of the Bard's Guild in Skyrim!


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    • Gatti profile image

      Gatti 6 years ago

      Thanks for the kind comment Derdriu I will be posting up guides for joining the rest of the factions in Skyrim soon.

    • profile image

      Derdriu 6 years ago

      Gatti: What a clear, intelligent, logical explanation of how to join Bards College! You make it very easy for readers to do what needs to be done and expect what will need to be done next.

      Thank you for sharing, etc.,