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Skyrim Mod Impressions: Enhanced Blood Textures

Updated on December 1, 2013

Today I want to start this series with a simple yet glorious texture mod. My choice was the Enhanced Blood Texture mod by dDefinder1. It's a simple mod that covers one of the most basic yet extremely important aspect of the game, blood.

Sure the regular blood textures are okay when you can get them, but I wanted something more visceral, something a tad bit more bloody and this is what the mod gives you. These are the two things you'll get with this mod. Enemies will leave more blood splatter on the ground, it splatters and it pools, while looking so cool (couldn't help myself). Seriously while the mod does increase the amount of life giving fluid that will emanate forth from our vanquished foes (or simply put they'll bleed more), it doesn't go overboard on occasion. Never venturing into 10 gallon anime blood levels, but realism can be stretched...broken with theatric levels of blood you will see.

What is nice is how that blood looks, it doesn't come across as cartoonish or look goopy like it does in Gears of War. Instead it opts for a simpler yet beautiful glistening look that makes it feel realistic, even if there are copious amounts of it at times.

Pros: Looks Beautiful, better spread, increased volume
Cons: Can be a bit too much sometimes

Final Verdict: While the volume is increased to absurd heights sometimes, it doesn't venture there too often and when it does the splatter and texture made me glad there was plenty to ogle. A must have mod for those wanting to enrich their experience.

Skyrim Nexus: Enhanced Blood Textures


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