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Skyrim Smithing Guide

Updated on November 15, 2011

So after you've slain a few dragons, explored some ancient dwarven ruins and routed hordes of bandits you might feel it's time to settle down with your spouse and try out one of the more mundane aspects of life in skyrim -- smithing.

This guide will help you become the best smith you can be.

Let's first discuss how smithing works in the world of skyrim.

Raw Materials

First to smith you will need materials. Materials can be gathered from animals and from mines. Materials can also be found in stores or in ruins and bandit camps. When you fell an animal loot it's hide. When you see steel ingots pick them up. Head to mines to find a pick axe and mine the patches of metals you find. Usually if you are diligent you can acquire quit a bit of material wealth from your adventuring.


Once you get a hold of lots of ore and leather, head to the nearest smith you can find. The one I like to go to is in whiterun as it has everything you need to smith everything. Most importantly it has a smelter which can convert ore to ingots. Once you have worked your ore into ingots and your animal hides into leather at the tanning rack you are read for the next step.


Head to the forge and and select what you whant to make. Leather and hide items are made at the forge as well. Many items take more than one kind of crafting material. For example an iron dagger will require some leather strips. Dwarven armor requires some steel ingots on top of the dwarven ingots you would expect. So keep all crafting materials. You can also craft rings, amulets and crowns by acquiring gold, copper and silver ingots, as well as gems.


Once you've crafted your item head to the work bench to upgrade your armor. Depending on your smithing skill you can greatly increase the value and dense of your items.

The sharpening stone does the same for weapons.

Smithing Quick Leveling Guide

Smithing is a great skill to have in skyrim as it allows you to fully unlock the potential of items you find in the game. But it's seemingly expensive and hard to level. Not so.

Indeed it's possible to level your smithing skill up to level 40 in a relatively short time.

First, pick up as many iron ingots and as much leather as you can hold. Hunt down wild animals, buy from shop owners and mine.

Next, head to your favorite smithing area. Again whiterun has everyhthing you need and is very close to merchants, mines, wild animals and is the first large settlement you are likely to find after the start of the game.

Finally craft as many iron daggers and hide bracers as you possible can, and watch your level skyrocket. Finally sell your creations to the local merchants. At first you wont get much gold, but if enchantments are also factored into your crafting, value will sky rocket. It's possible to sell daggers with stunning effects for huge amounts of gold.

Finally a big Warning. Remember that leveling your crafting will increase your overall level which also makes the creatures level as well. Since none of your combat or magic skills will have increased the game will become significantly more difficult. If possible, plan your materials out so that you can create a final suit of sturdy armor and well honed weapons to offset the difficulty when you venture back out.


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