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Skyrim secrets: How to defeat giants and their mammoths (Skyrim easter egg)

Updated on December 26, 2011
Skyrim secrets: How to defeat giants and their mammoths (Skyrim)
Skyrim secrets: How to defeat giants and their mammoths (Skyrim)

Skyrim secret: How to defeat giants and their mammoths (Skyrim)

Skyrim secrets: How to defeat giants and their mammoths (Skyrim)

Want to defeat the giants and mammoths, but keep getting defeated yourself? This article is designed to teach you how to best defeat the giants and mammoths you encounter in Skyrim.

The first and most important lesson to learn is that you can not take the giants and mammoths on one-on-one, due to their sheer size and incredible strength. Take advantage of this, use their size against them; turning their strength into a weakness.

As an example, let us take the flock located at Bleakwind Basin (west of Whiterun), do not worry about killing them, as they will respawn in 24 game hours; this flock normally consists of 2-3 giants and 2-3 mammoths. In preparation for your assault, make sure you have located Silent Moons Camp north of Bleakwind Basin. There is a small hut at the entrance to Silents Moons Camp, this is sufficient if you are simply followed by mammoths, but if you are followed by giants they may trap you in the hut and crush you with their massive hammers of destruction from each side of the hut entrance.

Engage one of the mammoths with a distance bow attack, which will mobilize the whole flock, mammoths and giants alike, making them charge for you, hard. This is your que to run north to Silents Moon Camp, making sure to keep the giants and mammoths aggressive by sometimes turning around to fire some arrows at them to make them maintain the pursuit. Once at Silents Moon Camp, run up the staircase and hide in the small entrance at the top of the stairs; the area where the lunar forge is located. From here you can train your destruction magic and archery skills while killing the mammoths and giants who are trying to squeeze in the entrance, but are merely too large to fit. As giants and mammoths are such great adversaries, your destruction and archery skills will level up extra fast. This is also a great opportunity to use soul trap to fill a soul gem or two, as both giants and mammoths possess greater souls which will give you increased enchantment strength.

The rewards from killing mammoths and giants are great, especially earlier in the game, and should help you a fair bit on your way to Skyrim success. Happy mammoth hunting.


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