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Sleeping Queens, Cards, A Gamewright Game, Rules, Instructions, and Game Review

Updated on July 2, 2013
This is the box that the cards come in.
This is the box that the cards come in. | Source
This is what's in the box.
This is what's in the box. | Source
This is the back of the instruction sheet.
This is the back of the instruction sheet. | Source
This is what the cards look like when playing the game.
This is what the cards look like when playing the game. | Source

Sleeping Queens Rules and Game Review

I like to look for interesting games that would be fun to play with a group of people. While browsing through available games and of game reviews, I came across this game and thought that I might give it a chance.

Sleeping Queens is a Gamewright card game for ages eight and up and is for two to five players. There are 79 specialized cards that fall into the following categories: 12 Queen cards, 8 King cards, 5 Jester cards, 4 Knight cards, 4 Sleeping Potion cards, 3 Wand cards, 3 Dragon cards, and 4 of each number 1 through 10 cards.

The 12 Queen cards have green backs and are separated from the rest of the cards. These 12 cards are shuffled and are individually placed face down with six Queen cards on either side of the draw pile as shown in the fourth photograph which is a picture of what the cards will look like when starting the game. I added one card face up under the draw pile to show what the discard pile looks like.

All other cards have red backs and are shuffled together. Five red cards are dealt to each player with the remaining red cards forming the draw pile. Play starts from the left of the dealer and goes clockwise.

The object of the game is to collect five queens or 50 points in a two to three player game, collect 4 queens or 40 points in a four to five player game, or to have the most points when all the queens are awakened. Each queen card is assigned a different value so it is possible to win by having more points.

On your turn you may take only one of the following actions: Play a King card, Play a Knight card, Play a Sleeping Potion card, Play a Jester card, or discard one or more cards to draw new cards.

Playing a King card allows the player to awaken a sleeping queen and allows the player to choose one queen from any of the green face down cards. If the player draws the Rose Queen, that player gets to awaken another queen. The other special rule about awakening queens is that a player can not hold both the Cat Queen and the Dog Queen at the same time. For instance, if you have the Cat Queen in your hand and draw the Dog Queen, you must return the Dog Queen face down and end your turn.

Playing a Knight card allows a player to steal another player's awakened queen. The Knight can be countered by the Dragon card. If the Dragon card is played, the player who played the Dragon card gets to keep their queen, both the Knight and Dragon cards are discarded, and each player gets to draw a card to replace the card played. Play then continues to the left of the player who played the Knight card.

Playing a Sleeping Potion will put another player's awakened queen back asleep face down with the other sleeping queens. The Sleeping Potion can be countered by the Wand card. If the Wand card is played, the player who played the Wand card gets to keep their queen, both the Sleeping Potion and Wand cards are discarded, and each player gets to draw a card to replace the card played. Play then continues to the left of the player who played the Sleeping Potion card.

Playing a Jester card face up on the discard pile allows the player to turn the top draw pile card face up. If it is a power card (King, Knight, Dragon, Potion, Wand, Jester), that card is added to the player's hand and that player gets to take another turn. If a number card is drawn, start counting from the player who played the Jester and continue counting to the left the number of players that equal to the number on the card. The last player counted gets to awaken and keep a queen from the center.

There are three ways to discard cards. The first is to discard a single card and replace it with a single card from the draw pile. The second is to discard two identical numbers and draw two cards to replace them. The third way to discard three or more cards is to make an addition equation and draw the number of cards that were discarded to make the equation. For example if a player has the cards 2, 3, and 5 those three cards can be discarded since 2 + 3 = 5.

At the end of your turn, you need to make sure that you have five cards in your hand. If the draw pile runs out, just reshuffle the discard pile and start a new draw pile.

The rules can seem kind of complicated, but they really aren't that complicated. The Jester card makes the game play really fun since it really is a wild card that has the potential of giving someone a queen. The different types of cards that were created for this game make for interesting game play and the cards themselves are easy to distinguish. It doesn't take long to play this game and it is easy to set up. If you can't remember all the rules, the little sheet that has all the instructions on it is fairly well laid out and it is easy to look up anything that you might have questions about. There is even a small question and answer section at the end of the game directions.

The cards that I have do show wear after being used many times, but are still in good shape. The cards are about the same size as normal playing cards and are easy to shuffle. The card design is child-like which is not necessarily a bad thing considering this is a game for children. This is a card game that is frequently requested to be played in my house. Out of all the games that I have played, I would say that this is a fairly interesting and unique card game. Right after the short question and answer section of the directions is a brief description of how the game was created which was by a six year old with the help of her family. The idea came to her when she couldn't fall asleep one night.


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