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Slotmania Slots on Facebook - Slotomania

Updated on November 7, 2012

How would you like to play slot machines like at Las Vegas, right in your own home? Slotomania on Facebook does exactly that. When you open the latest gaming application from Facebook you are transported into a world of glitz and glitter and tons of different type of virtual slot machines. The graphics are amazing and the play is fast paced. Slotomania is an incredible gaming environment that has the absolute cleanest animation, the biggest variety of games and sounds unlike any you will find on web based gaming sites. Brought to you by Playtika, you can expect hours and hours of exciting fun while playing this unique slot machines experience today. Get started with free Slotomania coins as you begin your journey of fun.

The popularity of Slotomania has catapulted this slot machines application to the top of the list on Facebook games. Facebook says that Slotomania has over 200,000 daily users playing the slot machines on any given day and over 700,000 monthly active users. With an absolute top rating of a possible 5 stars, Slotomania has an astonishing 4.8 which ranks it as one of the very best the site has ever seem. Slotomania occasionally has special deals for regular players, where the players are given the chance to triple their free spins and acquire free Slotomania coins. These promotions pop up throughout the year. Recently on Halloween, a new slot machine called Halloween Thrills was introduced and Facebook gave away free treats in the form of free Slotomania coins for users to play with before that spooky deal disappeared. They do this quite often on Facebook.

When you first download the application to your computer, you are prompted to begin the game. You will immediately be given five free spins to start your adventure on Slotomania. The machines seem to jump off the monitor and keep your entertained through ever spin. The graphics, the animation, and the sounds are stunning. Once you get your free spins the game then moves into hyper speed. You will receive your winnings from those free spins and then your journey has officially begun. Facebook says that Slotomania is the first ever social video slot games and the game allows you to personalize the experience so you and your friends have a more personal experience. When you are in the application you have the ability to invite your Facebook friends to play, you can buy additional coins, you can review Slotomania and you can even purchase gifts with the coins you won. New players can access their winnings immediately, which is a great feature to attract and keep the newer players interested.

The first slot machine you will have access to as a new player is Farm Fortune. You can bet twenty-five with up to a maximum nine paylines. The game has a ton of animated creatures that will keep you amazed and entertained for hours. The sheep, pigs, cows, dogs, chickens and tomatoes all seem to pop right off the screen at you. Your wins are computed and cashing out the credits is a breeze. You can even have immediate access to secure online payment processing if you decide you want to buy in and get more coins. You can use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover to fund your account. Slotomania has plenty of packages available that offer a ton of free Slotomania coins with purchase of a select amount of coins. You will love playing this exciting addition to the Facebook gaming family.


There is a "trick" to getting extra coins, without having to add a bunch of random people to your feed friends list.

You do not have to be friends with someone to collect their Slotmania bonuses. So, simply go to the Slotomania forums on the main page, or look at some of the people that post in the Slotomania fan groups. Look at their timeline and see if they have any posts up from the game. If they do, collect away! Then (and here's the trick) subscribe to them. This means you will see their posts in your feed, but you won't actually be friends! This gives you a nearly limitless number of Slotomania people to collect coins from.


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    • profile image

      rob 6 years ago

      more like vegas now' played for ayear not much fun.doesn't pay out any more. becomes frustrating and eventually why play unless you pay which is the only thing they want.

    • profile image

      losing out in points!!!! 6 years ago

      On Santamania i have been getting the bonuses , but it only calculates your bet and win it does not use the multiplyer that you have picked for the christmas bell for example 50 x 270 which it should be 50 x 270 x 10????