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Slugma Evolution

Updated on March 24, 2012
Slugma evolution happens upon levelling up.
Slugma evolution happens upon levelling up.

Slugma - the Fire Type Pokemon

Slugma Evolution. The Slugma evolution is Magcargo and it follows the traditional evolution method of evolving upon level up (assuming that you allow the evolution to take place).

Slugma and Magcargo were introduced to the Pokemon franchise in the 2nd generation of games - Gold/Silver/Crystal. Since then it has been in every generation of the handheld "traditional" Pokemon RPG games.

In competitive battling the Slugma evolution Magcargo is not considered particularly strong - but in game it can be a useful addition to any team.

However if you do want a FREE EV trained Magcargo for competitive battling, or any other Pokemon, then check out the regular freebies that the Pokemon forum on Monster Dungeon offers

How to Catch Slugma in Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold

Catching Slugma

Before you evolve Slugma obviously you need one to evolve! It is possible to get one without catching it - via trade either in the GTS (the in game trading system) or via various Pokemon forums where you can trade it in return for other things people may be interested in.

But th good news is that Slugma is a fairly easy Pokemon to find. Because of this many people on forums will have little interest in trading for one (unless it has superb IVs - Individual Values) but it does mean that you can catch one of your own easily.

Where do you go to catch a Slugma?

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Stark Mountain (after beating the Elite 4)

Heart Gold/Soul Silver - Routes 16/17/18

Pokewalker - Volcano Path

Pokemon Black and White

In Pokemon Black and White (now available to preorder) Slugma and Magcargo are NOT available to catch. You will need to trade them from previous games in order to be able to use them in black and White

With so many Pokemon now many mainstays are struggling to get game time in Black and White.  For example catching a shiny Nidoking is now more difficult and the male nidorans are only available in Pokemon White

Magcargo - the Slugma Evolution
Magcargo - the Slugma Evolution

Slugma Evolution

As we said the traditional method of getting a Pokemon to evolve is used in making Slugma evolve into Magcargo.

That is to say levelling the Slugma up.  Once it reaches level 38 it will try to evolve every level from there on.  It is up to you whether you let it level up, to cancel the evolution you simply press B when the evolution animation is occuring.

Unlike some Pokemon there is no real benefit to be gained form not evolving Slugma when it tries to evolve.  Whilst certain moves are learned a level or two quickly when unevolved no 'extra' moves can be learned in that state and the boost in power is far more useful than getting a new move a few levels earlier.

Some Slugma Stats

Type:  Fire

Evolves: Into Magcargo at level 38

Pokedex Number: #218

Height: 0.7m

Weight: 35kg

Catch Rate: 24.8%

Male/Female Rate: 50/50

Shiny Color: Gray (becomes purple when a Magcargo)

Competitive Battling Tier: NU (as from

Fun Slugma Facts

Did you know...

  • That when Slugma evolves he goes from a pure Fire type to a Fire/Rock type
  • It 'drops' 1 Special Attack EV when beaten in combat
  • It takes a minimum of 6,630 steps to hatch a Slugma when bred
  • The two abilities it can have are magma armor or flame armor
  • These abilities means that if it is in your party eggs hatch at half the normal step rate


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    • MrPokemon profile image

      MrPokemon 7 years ago

      How dare you, Slugma rocks!

    • Thomasoliver2 profile image

      Thomasoliver2 7 years ago from England

      lol dude, did you seriously make a hub on just slugma XD. In all fairness, it is pretty good so i have decided to become a follower ( return the favour please ). Are you going to get pokemon black/white soon? I am planning to get black because and then write a hub reviewing it so i thought you may be interested. Thanks Tom :)