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Small Coke Soda Vending Machines|Personal mini Coca cola Retro Vending Machines

Updated on February 5, 2011

koolatron CVF18 retro Coca Cola 10 Can Vending Fridge

Take a peek at this koolatron CVF18 retro Coca Cola 10 can vending fridge, its a great Small soda vending machine. This is a bright red antique coke vending machine with the words Coca Cola and Ice cold located above and below the display window.

koolatron retro small soda vending machine
koolatron retro small soda vending machine

How would it feel to have that antique vending machine right at the edge of your hands,waiting to despense at your will.This small soda vending machine wiil cool to 32 degrees f below the ambient temperature, ice cold sodas at the push of a button.This mini vending machine holds 12 ounce cans, fitting up to 10 at any time with five showing in the tall display window.

You can pretty much bring the koolatron CVF18 retro Coca Cola 10 can vending fridge wherever, from parties to gamerooms. This coke collectables vending machine is a must have for coke people,people who like sports and anyone seeking a fun small soda vending machine.

Please have a look at personal vending machines review of the koolatron CVF18 retro Coca Cola 10 can vending fridge in the link provided below for more info.

Not only can you get small soda vending machines for your entertainment but you can also get them if your thinking about owning a vending machine business. Compact vending machine combos from seaga are perfect for any office space. Its small enough to fit on a counter top, so its very mobile. Holding up to 155 cans and 5 different choices to select from, your customers will be satisfied.The vending price on these machines are set to 75 cents, making you happy with the profits you'll gain.You can also get the vend price changed for $25.

Theres alot more to owning a vending machine business you can find more info in the link provided to get you started in the right direction.

Used Vending Machine Sales


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