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Smite promtions that come and go

Updated on June 20, 2016

Online games

Gaming has become one of the most sought out entertainment in the last decade, it has risen from games that were mainly for children to an industry that rivals even that movie industry, with quality stories and story-telling to purely action based mmo's or moba like Smite

Online games and the rise of mmo

A steady influx of games was pouring out, but most just had players play multiplayer on their own machine with split screen or turn based, until the internet began mainstream.

This lead to gaming taking a multiplayer aproach like never before and thus saw the rise of multiplayer strategy games and ultimately mmo's like World of Warcraft.

Ultimately this led people to start creating their own maps in Warcraft 3, and the rise of DotA

The rise of MOBA

With the success of DotA, some of the original designers of the map went on to create Riot Games with League of Legends, a phenomenon that lead to more companies coming in to cash in like the remaking of the DotA map in the Dota 2 game and ultimately in the Smite promotion game.


Smite - The true inovation gem

The creators of the Smite gem game came with the breakthrough of making the overview in a third person and that rippled in the gaming comunity like a thunderstorm, it made people actually feel the character they were playing, as opposed to controlling a character like in a real time strategy

Smite Gem Promotions

Promotions have come around in pay to play games from various sources that give players ingame premium currency, including developers, but some are not as trustworthy as others, one of these the blogspot(blogger) ones, which are fake most of the time, and people should stay away from them.


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