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Snap Circuits Review - Where To Buy Snap Circuits On Sale

Updated on January 7, 2012

Welcome to my honest review on Snap Circuits. This is an educational toy that will keep your child entertained for hours, weeks and months on end, ranging from 100 - 750 experiments.

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Snap Circuits Review - What Exactly Is It?

The Snap Circuits range of toys are an educational toy made by a company called Elenco. In a nutshell it teaches children how electrical circuits work.

There are several Snap Circuit kits for you to choose from and they contain over 100 plus different experiments in the basic kit and over 750 experiments plus for the advanced kit.

The simplistic design of the toy makes it really easy for children to put their projects together, educating them while they are having fun! Every toy kit comes with a plastic base plate that all the other pieces easily snap into, this is where the name Snap Circuits comes from.

Some of the other electrical education kits on the market use regular wires, though the Snap Circuits range doesn't (though it does come supplied with two). Instead the wires are actually contained within the hard pieces of plastic with snaps on them, this is what makes it so easy for your child to build a project. In this proccess they will visualize the flow of electricity throughout the circuit.

Snap Circuits Jr SC-100

The Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 is the basic kit of the range. I bought this model last Xmas for my son and to be honest I was amazed as he has not stopped playing with it since, making it one of his favourite toys. Yes, it is an entry level kit, though the SC-100 has well over 100 experiments in it and you can also build your own.

Containing a speaker module, a motor with propeller blade, 3 different sound modules, a resistor and a photo resistor, slide and button switch, a whistler, LED, and a light bulb module you can see it's packed with goodies.

Also in addition there is a battery pack and wire snaps which are standard within all the kits. The instructions are really simple to understand and the projects are simply laid out with detailed explanations of what the project does.

Snap Circuits SC-300

This model number is the next one up from the SC-100 and it contains over 300 experiments in the box. Everything that you get within the SC-100 kit plus the additional pieces which are as follows: resistors and capacitors, ICs, a photo sensor, sound sensor, motors, plus a microphone. Elenco recommend the age for the SC-300 is 8 years old and upwards. What you will find is that as the Snap Circuit kits get larger and become more complex, the age range goes up with them as well.

Snap Circuits Pro SC-500

The next model for this Snap Circuits review is the Snap Circuits Pro SC-500. What this advanced kit contains is over 500 projects and also comes with an FM radio. It's worth noting at this point that each kit contains the same projects as the kits before it, therefore the SC-500 does not have 500 new projects.

What it contains are the same ones as the SC-300 plus 200 more (in fact 400 more than the SC-100). Your child will love the specialty parts that are included in this kit which are as follows: a diode, seven segment LED, relay, a transformer, an analog meter, plus a recording integrated circuit.

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750

For our final Snap Circuits review we have what has to be the ultimate in Snap Circuit kits. The Snap Circuits SC-750 Extreme is bursting with over 750 projects and includes some new parts which are: a solar cell, a vibration switch, plus a 2 spring socket. The SC-750 also comes with a computer interface that has software which views waveforms and frequencies on your computer screen. Certainly worth its title as being called "extreme."

This concludes my Snap Circuits review. No matter which of the products you decide to purchase, there are some upgrade kits that are available, this saves you from having to buy the same parts over and over again. The kits that I've listed above are the main ones though there are some others available such as a remote control rover one & the solar powered kit.

One of the great things that I love about the Snap Circuits range is that as you acquire more and more kits, you can integrate the parts together for some individual and unique projects and creations. The Snap Circuit kits are a superb toy that act as an educational tool and neither you or your child will be disappointed with your purchase. I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as our family have.

Snap Circuits Review Video

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