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Sneaky Pete Game Instructions

Updated on May 5, 2011

If you are a good liar, you can win a Sneaky Pete game.  The game is about bluffing your opponent in an effort to capture all five of his pawns.  So, if you like rolling dice and a bit of good-natured fibbing, Sneaky Pete might be the game for you.  It is a two-player game and it only takes about 10 minutes to play.

Sit opposite your opponent.  Roll the dice to determine who goes first.  The high roll goes first.

Place five pawns of the same color in the holes on the hexagonal game board.  Roll dice into the felt tray. Keep the dice hidden from your opponent with the bluffing shield.

Tell the truth by calling out the number on the dice. Bluff by calling out a number not shown on the dice.  Or, call out "Sneaky Pete."  A number represents the number of spaces a pawn can move on the board.  Sneaky Pete means you can move the pawn anywhere on the board.

Decide if your opponent is bluffing.  State whether or not you believe your opponent.  Reveal the dice.

Move the pawn to match your call, if your opponent believes you.  Do not move your peg, if you are fibbing and your opponent calls your bluff.  The opponent loses a turn if he calls your bluff and is proven wrong.


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