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Snowman Building Kits

Updated on December 30, 2012

When life brings you Snow - Build a Snowman

When it snows the first thing most kids think about is going outside and building their very own Snowman. Of course they also think sledding and snowball fights, but building a Snowman is so much fun.

So what do you need to build a Snowman? Well Snow is a good start. Then you need all the parts to bring him to life. We all know what the basics are right?

Eyes, Carrot Nose, Mouth, Twig Arms, A Scarf, A Pipe and of course a Hat to bring the magic.

How to have all the Snowman Parts on Hand

Of course we may not have all the things we need on hand to build our Snowman. And yes you can build your Snowman using anything you like and do not have to be traditional. BUT you can buy a Snowman Building Kit that you can have on hand for the kids when the snow comes and be ready every time. I always have them in my house and the kids love them.

The Snowman Building Kits usually come with all the basics needed to build the perfect Snowman. The only thing missing is the Snow and the Kids to make it happen.

These kits are also great gifts ideas for any child who lives in an area where it snows of course.

Snowman Refrigerator Magnet Set

Make your own Kit

You can even put together your own Snowman Building Kit to have on hand. You can get a plastic storage container and fill it with all the parts that will be needed to accessorize. What to add in your bin:

  • Plastic Carrots - for nose
  • Coal Pieces - for eyes and mouth
  • Plastic Pipes or old pipes you can find at garage sales
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Twigs you find outside
  • Large Buttons
  • Mittens
  • Funny Glasses
  • Old Wigs
  • Water Squirt Bottles and Food Coloring - so they can add color

Be creative and make sure you have enough for each of your children so they can all build their own. Use Hats, Scarves and MIttens the kids have outgrown. Uses pieces of toys the kids do not play with anymore that can be part of a Snowman. Shop Halloween Clearance Costumes and Accessories and add in some really unique items.


Make Indoor Snowman Kits for the Kids

Check out these EASY to create indoor Snowman Kits you can create for the kids. I put these together for my kids and family for the holidays.

These are so much fun for the kids to play with inside and they can build a snowman over and over without getting cold - lol.

Come see how I made them here step by step:

How to make Indoor Snowman Kits

No Snow where you Live?

That is ok the kids can still have some fun playing using Instant Snow. Now it is not the same thing, but it is still fun and the kids like to play with it. I have used this before for a party I had for my son and the kids had a blast. It is fun all year round.

Here is a bit of information on what it is:

Instant Snow stays cold even on the hottest days because the water is evaporating from it. Then you can add more water and use it again. True I have done it.

Absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water - and it happens instantly - no stirring

All non-toxic and fully safety tested

Molding your Snow

Growing up I had the Basic Snow Block Molds, but playing in the snow has come a long way. There are so many fun molds out there the kids can really build some neat Igloos, Forts and Snow Castles.

Do not put away your molds from your sandbox, because these can also be used out in the snow.

You can also use things you already have in the home - like Plastic Containers, Cups, Pots, Pans, Buckets etc...

Snow Paint Color Kits

Add some Color

Now I am all about color so why not color your Snowman or your Snow Castle. You can do this by having some Water Spray Bottles you buy at the dollar store and adding in some Food Coloring. Spray it onto your snow creation and you have added some extra fun.

You can also buy Snow Coloring Kits that come complete with everything you need.

Make the Perfect Snowballs

Ok it is true some of us need a little extra help when it comes to making snowballs. Lucky for us there are many Snowball Makers available on the market to help. Not only do some of these help us make the most perfect round packed snowballs, but they can also in some cases help us toss them to our targets. Yes there are Snowball Launchers too !! Or even better how about the Snowball Blaster !! Never miss your target again - Ready Aim... Snowball Fight !!

Frosty the Snowman

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      9 years ago


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      Sandy Mertens 

      9 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Never too early to start. Nice hub.


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