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So You Wanna Play Games...Huh

Updated on July 18, 2018

Its All About the Console(soul)

Before you can start gaming you must first choose which console you want to start playing. There are a couple of different modern generation gaming consoles and they all have their own unique feel and selection of games to choose from. Some games can be played across multiple gaming platforms because they are not made exclusively for one gaming system. Now, the best way to choose which platform would be the best to begin your gaming experience is through exploration what you are naturally attracted to. For example, those who are looking for a fun family experience might turn to a console that that has games that are appropriate for kids and enjoyable for all audiences. However, if you are not looking for that particular type of gaming experience and are looking for something more mature you can choose between different consoles that offer more mature games on their platform. The main modern generation gaming consoles are found on the Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, and the PC platforms. There are a multitude of games for each of the consoles associated with these gaming platforms, so when it comes to which gaming platform you should choose; it is all about which ever one feels the best to you. This is extremely important! You should also pick a gaming console whose software runs the most to your liking. Most modern generation gaming consoles come with their own unique set of features that sets them apart from each other. Doing your own research and due diligence before you either buy a new console or upgrade one will help you to see what style of console you can more easily get accustomed to using.

Now That You Know Which Console You Like

What type of games do you want to play?

How to choose the Right Game?

The approach is similar to how you would choose a gaming console only with some subtle but distinct differences. First of all, you've got to choose games based on your favorite genre. Are you into first person shooters, do you like fantasy and role playing games, or are you into fighting games? Modern generation games are not without a hefty price tag so if you can afford to shell out the money for games that you aren't even interested in playing, then by all means go ahead. So the first step to choosing the right game to buy is identifying the genre you are interested in. Step two is choosing a game with a story that you like. If there are games that are based on characters that you are already familiar with, then that might be a good place to start searching. Another way to choose the right game is by getting your hands on what you thing will be fun. You're playing to have fun in the first place! When in doubt remember, "if it ain't fun don't buy one". Never forfeit the fun factor for anything when it comes to your gaming experience. There are games that have the multiplayer option in order to play with your friends or others online.Its like being part of an athletic team but you mostly work out your thumbs.

Can't Forget About the Classics

If Next Generation Gaming Consoles Don't Suit Your Fancy You Can Go Old school

If for some reason you don't like any of the newer games on the market its cool because retro games are making a comeback. Retro gaming consoles are also being re-manufactured and are being re-introduced to the market. One benefit to playing retro games is lengthier game play and higher difficulty levels. The simplicity of the graphics and game play keep the player from being distracted from the goal of beating the game. Although the graphics and game play of retro games may be more simple, the bright colors and rigid environments usually give those games an instantly nostalgic feeling.

If You Are New to the World of Gaming or Are Looking to Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

Don't fret if you're not so sure where you should start. Entering the world of gaming is like heading to a buffet and the hardest decision you'll have to make is choosing what to eat first. As long as you don't get analysis paralysis you shouldn't have any problems. Remember that gaming consoles along with games cost money so there should be a lot of attention focused on where you are spending your money. Now go forth into a great big world that awaits you; plug in because its time to start playing the game.


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