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Social Networking in The Sims 3

Updated on May 14, 2014

Skills in social networking

You can build up skills in Social networking in The Sims 3. In the beginning you will still have few social networking options on your smartphone. Once you have gained level 2 in the social networking skill, you will be able to create a personal blog and build up the skill more quickly. You can then build up your level with:

  • Streaming video
  • Sending texts
  • Blogging
  • Reading books about social networking (available in the library or the bookstore)

The levels
Level 1: Possibility to send texts messages to another Sim
Level 2: Possibility to create a personal blog
Level 3: Receive new skins for your smartphone and you will be able to start a review blog
Level 4: You will have a new app on your phone which is the Simfinder
Level 5: Receive new skins for your smartphone and you will be able to start a news blog
Level 6: Receive new skins for your smartphone
Level 7: You will have a new app available on your smartphone: “the transmogrifier app”
Level 8: The transmogrifier app will be expanded with new possibilities
Level 9: The transmogrifier app will be expanded with new possibilities
Level 10: The transmogrifier app will be expanded with new possibilities

Getting followers for your blog

The blog-option is the only way to earn money with social networking. The more followers you receive for your blog, the more popular your blog will become and consequently you will receive more money with donations from followers. When you create a blog you will receive the option to post a standard message or to type in your own message. It does not really matter what you choose because the test in your blog message does not influence the gaining or losing of followers. What does seem to matter is the mood your Sim is in. A bad mood (bad moodlets, red bars, etc.) will cause you to lose followers. What also matters is the traits your Sim has and what type of blog your Sim is using. The following information explains this a bit more.

Personal blog
This blog-type is available from level 2. Having the following traits will increase the number of followers: Irresistible, charismatic, friendly, flirty, computer genius and party animal. The following traits will decrease the number of followers: lonely and mean.

Review blog
This blog-type will be available at level 3. Having the following traits will increase the number of followers: artistic, easily impressed, avant garde, mooch, frugal and computer genius. The following traits, however, will decrease the number of followers: couch potato and sloppy.

News blog
This blog-type will become available at level 5. Having the following traits will increase the number of followers: bookworm, brave, daredevil, genius, lucky and ambitious. The following traits will decrease the number of followers: couch potato.

Gotta Blog!

When certain events happen in your Sims life, it will get the “gotta blog” moodlet. The moodlet will last for 6 hours and if you blog within these 6 hours, it will have a big chance for an increase in followers. To react to the “gotta blog” moodlet, instead of grabbing the smartphone, click on your Sim and the option “gotta blog about…” will appear. The following events could trigger the “gotta blog” moodlet:

  • Made a new friend
  • Got a promotion
  • Fulfill a wish
  • Attend a match or movie
  • Read a book
  • Collect stones, gems, insects, etc.
  • Witness a Sim dying
  • Witness the birth of a Sim

Does Social Networking make lots of money?

In the beginning levels you will not make a lot of money. You are namely dependent on donations from blog followers and it is not sure when you will receive a donation and how much this is. In the beginning levels it will be about 10 to 75 Simoleons from a single donation. Through the Social Networking option on your smartphone you can ask your followers for donations (once per day) but this only increases the chance of a donation and it is not certain that you will receive it. Once you gain a higher level blog (4 stars or higher, which equals 1250 followers), you will get the option to sell your blog. Selling a 4-star blog can get you up to 7000 Simoleons. Whether you actually want to sell your blog at this time remains to be seen as by this level, you will be gaining about 800 Simoleons for a single donation, which in the end makes more money than selling a blog and starting with a new blog. Also note that when you change a blog type (before selling it), you will lose 30% of your followers. To conclude: don’t give up your day job, until you get a more fixed and higher amount of donations.

The SimFinder app

When you reach level 4 with Social Networking, you will have the” SimFinder app” on your smartphone. Use this app to find Sims with certain traits (to match yours). The Sim that you select will then automatically be invited to your home.

The Transmogrifier app

Once you reach level 7, you will have the “transmogrifier app” available on your smartphone. This app gives you the possibility to change the relationship between any two Sims. At level 7 you can change the relationship to friends but at level 10 you can change the relationship to even become partners/enemies/best friends, etc.


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