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Solar Survival Minecraft Sky Island Map

Updated on November 2, 2011
Solar survival minecraft sky island survival map.
Solar survival minecraft sky island survival map.

Solar Survival is an incredibly innovative sky island minecraft survival map in which one must try to survive in the great wide (slightly miniaturized for the purposes of game play able to be completed in the course of a normal human life span) solar system itself. The player finds themselves spawned upon a green sphere, which must pass for Earth, with the rest of the solar system sprawled out before them. This survival map is a wonderful twist on the popular SkyBlock survival map, which taught us all that if minecrafters like anything, it's floating about in the middle of a void on a small chunk of dirt.

There are challenges included in this survival map, so when the endlessness of space starts to get your down you can fill in your time chasing little colored bits of wool (it's rather analogous to the way we spend our time chasing bits of paper whilst the world goes hurtling through space, except it's done in blocks you can punch into non-existence, which is much more manageable.)

The minecraft solar system by day.
The minecraft solar system by day.

Challenges include:

  • Complete a monument (find all the colored blocks of wool hidden on the various planets and whatnot.)
  • Build a brick house. (Because space is rubbish without a brick house.)
  • Make a house on the sun. (Of course.)
  • Explore Uranus. (Also a matter of course.)
  • Get 64 diamonds.

Etc. I won't go through them all because you'll be able to read them all yourself on the wildly oversized bedrock monument bed.

The sun by night.
The sun by night.

Is This Map Fun?

The question we really want answered. Short answer: yes. Although to be fair, anyone who thought SkyBlock technically qualified as 'fun' probably has a fairly low bar for that particular metric. There's certainly a lot to explore and I think the idea of colonizing the solar system will appear to our native human megalomania more often than not.

Whether you accept the challenges or play the game your way, you can expect to spend a decent amount of time building sky bridges to get from one place to another. You can also expect to spend a decent amount of time holding down the left shift button.

The map has been well made and unlike many other survival maps these days, everything isn't handed to you on a silver platter the moment you start the game. There's a cake and a melon, but aside from that you're going to have to work for what you have, which is well in keeping with the spirit of survival island maps.

Download Solar Survival Minecraft Survival Map


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