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Solar Systems With Overcrowding and Supremacy Achievement - Solar 2 Guide

Updated on November 8, 2013

This walkthrough guide covers strategies and tactics specifically for the purpose of building up a large Solar System teeming with lifeforms in the video game Solar 2. In addition to this task, you will also find details on the related achievements Supremacy and Overcrowding. Finally there is also a video posted at the end of this guide which can show you a real time overview of this process with accompanied commentary.

Building up a solar system in Solar 2 follows similar concepts put forth in the guide covering the progression from Small Star to Black Hole, however instead of simply consuming planets you now want to raise them to fully experienced Life Planets or turn them into additional stars.

If you are looking for more guides covering the rest of Solar 2, click here to be taken to the Star Stage Index where you can find more links to the other guides.

Managing The Planets In Your Solar System

As mentioned previously, capturing planets is much like capturing asteroids (check the Planet guide for details and diagrams) requiring you to move so that your relative speed with the planet is 0. Unlike asteroids and planets however, you can capture new planets outside of the first 5 orbit rings up to the outermost 10th as your system grows.

Small Planets will need to be either replaced or grown into Life Planets to start providing real benefits towards your solar system. To grow the planets you will have to maneuver your system as they orbit your star(s) in order to capture asteroids like how you have done before, although now with a slightly different movement pattern needed. Don’t bother trying to grow large asteroid shields around your planets as unless you have their orbits rigidly controlled, their paths will eventually cross each other resulting in smashing your own planets and asteroids into each other.

Overcrowding Achievement

On your path to grow your solar system and enrich its lifeforms with experience you will be also working towards the Overcrowding achievement which requires you to gain the most life you possibly can in a solar system. This means at least 2 stars and all 10 planets with 18+ kills of experience each, or visually, 4 turrets on each.

Once you’ve managed to grow 10 planets with life on them from consuming asteroids, the best bet to raise their experience and unlock Overcrowding at the same time is to find smaller systems to pick on. Stay a decent range away so your spacecraft engage the hostile spacecraft but cannot reach the enemy planets in order to destroy them outright. Eventually your planets will build up experience in this manner and if you have a couple lagging behind, you can maneuver them so their turrets come into play, guaranteeing that planet makes the kills it needs.

Using physics option to boost life and burn the way to Supremacy.
Using physics option to boost life and burn the way to Supremacy.

Supremacy Achievement

For Supremacy you will need to continue the work you started with Overcrowding, however here we can use physics options (confirmed as this is how I unlocked my Supremacy achievement) to turn up the settings for the max turrets and max ships that planets will spawn while making their build time instant. This should give us planets with 14 turrets each and hordes of spacecraft constantly streaming outwards. Find a nearby enemy solar system to farm like before and in no time you will have racked up 100 kills on at least one of your planets.

Solar System Building – Solar 2 Video Walkthrough


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