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Sombra - The Mystery Overwatch Character

Updated on August 13, 2016

Who is Sombra?

Blizzard recently started a seasonal event called the “Summer Games” in recognition of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This event started August 2nd and all players are enjoying the various in-game special loot boxes. These events were set in motion with an initial video release that has led many players to believe there is a hidden clue in the video. Much like the initial origins trailer for Ana that led to the name “Sombra”, people have discovered a few interesting things about the Summer Games video.

People believe that this video is giving out certain clues to the description of the next hero, dubbed “Sombra”. The specific points in the video that raise these questions are capture below, as well as a link to an imgur gallery that shows screenshots.

- 0:17 East, on a billboard in the background

- 0:19 The letter C on one of the steps behind D.Va.

- 0:21 An arrow pointing upwards on one of the points of a temple

- 0:22 An arrow pointing downwards on another roof side panel

- 0:24 A Compass pointing southeast on a wooden slat

- 0:30 West, on the plating behind Symmetra

- 0:34 Southwest, written on the wall behind Bastion, in the tunnel

- 0:46 Northeast, written on a ship behind Windston

- 0:47 Arrow pointing Northwest, again behind Tracer

Here is a screenshot gallery of the curious images people are finding throughout the video.

Kaplan told Nathan Grayson (Kotaku reporter) that “Sombra will let people know when she wants more to be known about her”. Additionally, at the end of the Ana developer update video someone decrypted a blip of static into a QR code that bore the quote: “Now that I have your attention, let’s make things more difficult.”

People are still working hard to crack the code behind this secret character. A Discord channel has been set up specifically devoted to cracking this code. They have used the arrows as a form of compass with the Dorado map and still nothing. Then someone noticed a new image on Blizzard’s website and after some analysis they were able to decipher some Spanish text.

The Spanish text is:

“Por que estan mirando al cielo? La respuesta no esta sobre sus cabezas, esta detras de ustedes. A veces, necesitan analizar sus logros previos.”

The English translation:

“Why do you look to the sky? The answer is not above your heads, it’s behind you. Sometimes, you need to analyze your previous achievements.”

I would explain the process used to come up with this sentence but it was a complicated method of moving the images into Notepad++ and then transferring to DiffChecker to compare the two images.

Follow this reddit post if you would like to see updated information on Sombra.

What we know about this character so far:

- The character operates out of Dorado.

- She is skilled in computer hacking and cryptography.

- She is a known associate of Reaper.

- She specializes in espionage and intelligence assessment.

Easter eggs that involve Sombra:

- During a pre-beta stream of Overwatch on Ellohime’s stream he was exploring Dorado and discovered a table in the LumeriCo power plant control room with classified folders. They were labeled: “SOMBRA [CLASIFICADO],” “SOLDADO: 76 [CLASIFICADO],” AND “JACK MORRISON [CLASIFICADO].”

- You can find newspapers on the ground in Dorado that feature a silhouette in a hooded cloak with the headline “Quien es ‘Sombra’?” (Who is Sombra?)

- Reaper sometimes says, “Where’s Sombra when you need her?” when he spawns on Dorado.

What do you think about this character so far?


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