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Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games - Dragon Age 2

Updated on May 29, 2012
My copy of Dragon Age 2.
My copy of Dragon Age 2.

Information and Summary of Dragon Age 2

Style: Role-Playing

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3

Platform I played on: Xbox 360

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: BioWare

Brief summary of game...

Dragons Age II is the sequel to Dragons Age: Origins. The story's main character and his family live in the area where the first game took place and during the war they flee to another country and become refugees. The main character has to work his way up to becoming a champion for his new city.

Summary of Review method

I can assure you that these will be my honest opinion I'm going to try to get detailed and try to present a total picture of the game. Of course this will be completely based off of my opinion so that doesn't mean that you will feel the same way. I would love to hear how people feel about my review whether they agree or not, and everyone is welcome to leave their opinions in the comment section of the review.

My system has 10 sections worth 10 points. 100 total. I also include 4 bonus sections worth 25 points.

The games total score is based on the combination of all of these points. For a more detailed explanation of my system for reviewing video games see my hub... Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games – My Method For Reviewing Video Games

Fun 7/10

For the most part this game is very fun, but there are a few things that hurt it such as the repetitiveness of the scenery and the annoying waves of enemies. Don't get me wrong the new combat system is great, but the waves of new enemies after you've already drained your stamina or magic is annoying.

Storyline 8/10

The storyline in this installment doesn't quite live up to that of it's predecessor. It's really good, but I never found myself completely absorbed in the story. The story is broken up in to chapters that all pretty much involve different stories. They are associated with each other in the sense that one thing leads to another, but there isn't a feel of an overall main point to the story.

The inside of the case of my copy of Dragon Age 2.
The inside of the case of my copy of Dragon Age 2.

Storyline Depth 9/10

Fortunately, the storyline is as involved as the first game. Part of the game is about getting involved in the lives of the squad mates again. The characters options for dialogue choices again lets player feel like they are really in control of who their character is.

Length 7/10

The game takes some where between 30 – 40 hours to get through just like the first one. However, because of the repetitiveness of the scenery it gets old after a while. Seriously... you spend the entire game going back through the same places over and over.

Controls 10/10

When I heard they were going to be using a different method for the controls I was pretty concerned, but very surprised when I found out that they did an amazing job. In this installment you actually do control every swing of the sword, however they didn't make using a wide array of abilities anymore difficult.

Graphics/Sound 9/10

The graphics in this one improved upon the first one's graphics and while they still weren't cutting edge they were great for the game.

The voice acting and sounds were superb.

The back cover of my copy of Dragon Age 2.
The back cover of my copy of Dragon Age 2.

Mechanics 9/10

All of the various components lined up to make a great game. Switching between dialogue and action is painless, and the battle set-up is great. It's almost the same as the first one, but as mentioned the controls allow you to control each swing of your character.

Replay Value 7/10

While the game had a lot to offer, the repetitiveness hurts it. I can see myself going back through this game at least once more. The problem is that you see the same scenery repeated and that the battles can get annoying because of the waves of enemies. When you start a battle you will see so many enemies and use your abilities or powers to wipe them out quickly, then a whole other wave will appear out of nowhere and your ability and stamina will be wiped out. A lot of times you will face three or four waves like this, and I just didn't like because it didn't let you properly span out the use of your abilities to account for all enemies.

Ingenuity 7/10

While the game shared many characteristics with the first one, it gets some special points for the combat system. As I said I was concerned going in to it, but they made the change seamless and it worked great. The one thing I would count against the game is the downgrading of customization. Not only is the customization for the main character less appealing, but you can't throw armor or weapons on any character. Some people might not care about this change, but I felt that being able to sort of customize the look an style of each character in the first one was a big plus.

Dollar vs. Time 9/10

I bought this game when it came out for $60. I have since spent around 100 hours on it. That's a very good value.

Other Dragon Age Titles

The Bonus Points

Download Content + 10

The DLC in this game offers some great additional play through value, story, and equipment. There is probably around 10 hours additional game play that can be purchased for download, and it was all very good.

Co-op +0

There isn't Co-op

Multi-player + 0

There isn't Multi-player

Other + 2

I had to think about this for a few minutes, but I decided it deserved a few extra points for a simple reason... The game was better than we Dragons Age 1 fans gave it credit for. When Dragons Age 2 came out I was expecting it to expand on the first one and only make things better. As a stand alone game it would be incredible, but as a sequel to Dragons Age 1 it seemed disappointing at the time. Now, however I can appreciate it for what it is, and it really was a great game

94 Total Points.... Dragon Age 2 may not live up to the first one, but it is still an amazing RPG.

Dragons Age 2 certainly has a lot to offer to the RPG fan. Again, it was a little disappointing in comparison to the first one, but it is still an awesome game. The storyline is great. The combat set up is great. The only real issue with this game is the repetitive scenery,few minor annoyances with the waves of enemies, and the downgrade of customization. Outside of that everything else is nearly flawless, and creates a wonderful gaming experience.


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