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Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games - Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Updated on May 21, 2012
My copy of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
My copy of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Information and summary of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Style: Stealth, Action, Third Person Shooter

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita

Platform I played on: Xbox 360

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Kojima Productions, Bluepoint Games, Genki, & Aspect Co.

Brief summary of game...

This collection includes the highly popular Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Originally for PS2), Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Originally for PS2), and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Originally for PSP). They are basically the same games re-ported to the newer generation of consoles.

Metal gear is a tactical espionage game with a very in depth storyline that contains more than a hint of mystery, sci fi, action, drama, and comedy. The story involves a few main characters, but mostly surrounds a character named Solid Snake that fights against terrorists wielding giant mobile nuclear capable tanks called Meta Gear. I guess that is about a brief of a summary as you can get, but it gets far more in depth than that.

Summary of Review method

I can assure you that these will be my honest opinion I'm going to try to get detailed and try to present a total picture of the game. Of course this will be completely based off of my opinion so that doesn't mean that you will feel the same way. I would love to hear how people feel about my review whether they agree or not, and everyone is welcome to leave their opinions in the comment section of the review.

My system has 10 sections worth 10 points. 100 total. I also include 4 bonus sections worth 25 points.

The games total score is based on the combination of all of these points. For a more detailed explanation of my system for reviewing video games see my hub... Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games – My Method For Reviewing Video Games

Metal Gear Solid 2... In it's previous release

Fun 10/10

If you love the Metal Gear series then you love the Metal Gear series. If you have never played the Metal Gear series then shame on you or something. It's fun. I may be biased since I've been playing the series since the first one, but a review is based on opinion anyway so I'm giving a 10.

Storyline 10/10

e three games included each include an amazing storyline. The way I've heard many people describe and I tend to agree, is that watching someone play Metal Gear is like watching a movie.

Metal Gear Solid 3... In it's previous release

Storyline Depth 10/10

All three include a very in-depth storyline. They star a cast of great characters that a player will find themselves becoming attached to before they reach the end. The story starts as one simple mission, but slowly transforms throughout the game with a wide array of twists and turns. They always keep you guessing. When you think you have figured out whats really going on, the game will sling another curve ball at your face and will completely blow your mind. They also include a lot of character development in a way that integrates flawlessly in to the story. Spice it all up with a little bit of romance, tragedy, and comedy to create a perfect story.

Length 9/10

The length of each installment including the collection seems to be about right. Depending on the difficulty you play on and your experience with the franchise you can mow through the games in several hours, or you can spend weeks slowly working your way through them. In all fairness, I haven't finished Peace Walker, but from what I have seen it appears to be pretty long as well. It also includes a multi-player mode that can add to your play time if you so choose. The other two games include several other playing experiences beyond the regular game mode as well.

Controls 7/10

The controls in the Metal Gear series are quite unique. That doesn't mean they aren't a pain though occasionally. Someone new to the series will especially have a hard time adapting to the controls, and even though I've played each installment many times I still have issues occasionally when I pick the game up.

Other Metal Gear Installments

Graphics/Sound 9/10

The original graphics weren't bad at all, and in fact were probably ahead of their time. Playing them today in the HD version they still manage to be on par or better than many games coming out today.

The game makers managed to keep the same voice actors to play the same characters throughout the series which makes it easier to transition through the games and be engulfed by the story. This is particularly true with the main character solid snake. His voice is very unique and losing that sound through games would have been a horrible loss.

The inside cover of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
The inside cover of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

Mechanics 9/10

Despite the minor control issues the game melds together exceptionally well. When the player is doing a portion of the sneaking they can become fully emerged and want no outside distraction, however that can transition to all out warfare seamlessly.

Replay Value 10/10

The fact these are older generation console games that have been re-ported for modern consoles speaks for itself. Not only that, but there are collectibles that are actually fun to go after, and various endings offer various unlockables.

Ingenuity 10/10

The Metal Gear Series as a whole remains mains unique in the gaming world, and these three installments were no different. There really hasn't been any other successful games that have been overly similar to Metal Gear. The way the story and game play meld together is one of a kind.

Dollar vs. Time 10/10

As I said in the beginning, if you love Metal Gear then you love Metal Gear. You will play over and over. It is one of those games you might spot on the shelf one day and throw in for a few hours, and then find yourself going back through each one again.

The Bonus Points

Download Content + 0

No DLC that I am aware of

Co-op + 3

I haven't gotten to mess with this as much as I want, but the Peace Walker game does include a co-op mode

Multi-player + 2

I believe that Peace Walker includes a mult-player option as well.

Other + 5

The reason for the bonus points is that the games include the original Nintendo games Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 which the Metal Gear Solid series is based off of. I though it was pretty awesome that it included these games. It also includes the Substance games for Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 which were stand alone games of their own, and Metal Gear Solid 2 includes Snakes story which allows the player to see what Snake is up to during the portions of the game you don't get to play as him. They didn't have to include any of these items to sell the collection, but they did it anyways and that is pretty cool in my opinion.

105 points total... Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is Legendary!

Honestly, if they want to re-port these games to every new console until I die I will be completely happy with that. People who enjoyed Metal Gear can't be hurt by the purchase of this collection. People who have never played the Metal Gear series would be greatly enlightened by playing it. I absolutely enjoyed playing back through these games, and I can see myself replaying them over and over for years to come.

Do you agree with my review of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

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