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Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games - Mass Effect 3

Updated on May 1, 2012
My copy of Mass Effect 3
My copy of Mass Effect 3

Information and Summary of Mass Effect 3

Style: Action Role-Playing

Platforms: PC, XBOX 360, PS3

Platform I played: XBOX 360

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Bioware

Brief summary of game...

Mass Effect is the third and final installment of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Mass Effect is a space age game in which humans have become part of large galactic community along with various species of aliens. The player controls a human named Commander Shepard and while battling through scores of enemies to save the galaxy they must make decisions that effect the various outcomes of many different situations throughout the galaxy.

There have been few games that have had as much controversy surrounding them especially within the gaming community. Many players were severely disappointed by the ending of the game

Summary of My Review Method

I can assure you that these will be my honest opinion I'm going to try to get detailed and try to present a total picture of the game. Of course this will be completely based off of my opinion so that doesn't mean that you will feel the same way. I would love to hear how people feel about my review whether they agree or not, and everyone is welcome to leave their opinions in the comment section of the review.

My system has 10 sections worth 10 points. 100 total. I also include 4 bonus sections worth 25 points.

The games total score is based on the combination of all of these points. For a more detailed explanation about my method of reviewing games please see my hub... Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games - My Method For Reviewing Video Games

Fun 10/10

Personally for just plain fun... It doesn't get much better than this for me.

This is the back cover of the metal case that holds the disc in my collector's edition copy of Mass Effect 3
This is the back cover of the metal case that holds the disc in my collector's edition copy of Mass Effect 3

Storyline 9/10

I could easily give the storyline a 10 out of 10 but I didn't because of the ending. Now I'm not amongst the scores of people that bitterly hated the ending of this game, but I also didn't love the ending. After playing through the first and second installments multiple times and going all the way through this installment I just expected a more epic ending for Commander Shepard. I know some people might score it lower because of the ending, but in my opinion that wouldn't be fair because the storyline throughout the rest of the game was amazing.

One of the greatest aspects of the storyline is that the decision a player made in the first and second games can carry through to the third one. While this isn't essential to the game it is very cool seeing the effects of the decisions you made in a prior game.

One of the only things I didn't like about the storyline was the fact that a lot of your crew from the first two games didn't return as members of your crew. This was disappointing to me and as I understand many others as well. The crew members you do have are great, but I still miss some of the other ones. They all still appear and play some role in the game, but they just don't get to be part of the team anymore.

The story is intense and epic from beginning to end. It's like if you took all of the best aspects of a great book, combined them with a great movie, and were able to control the main character and choose their decisions.

Storyline Depth 10/10

Bioware really has mastered the art of making the storyline just as involved as it needs to be for the type of game Mass Effect 3 is. Mass Effect 3's storyline doesn't follow a simple linear path where you only deal with the main character's problems. The entire galaxy is being invaded and you become involved with the survival efforts of many different planets and species, all while experiencing the effects of the invasion on Commander Shepard and each member of the team and any friends made along the way.

The inside of the metal case containing my two Mass Effect 3 discs
The inside of the metal case containing my two Mass Effect 3 discs

Length 10/10

The length can vary depending on how many of the side missions a character gets involved in. I did everything I could on my play through and it took around 40 hours. With the depth and involvement of the storyline this sets the game with about a perfect of a length as possible. You can become fully immersed in the story, yet you don't end up feeling like its just dragging on.

Controls 10/10

The controls in the first two installments were great, and Bioware managed to just make them better. While this alone doesn't justify a 10 out of 10 the addition of the Kinect options does. Being able to give squad commands, active powers, and choose dialouge options by voice is very very cool and ground breaking.

Graphics/Sound 10/10

The basis of the graphics is a little above par for today's gaming industry, but what makes them amazing is the way that Bioware displays the giant Reaper invaders and the ensuing battles. There are many times where you will in regular gameplay and in the back ground you can see massive battles taking place which really makes the player feel they are part of the battle.

The voice acting is up there with the best of them. As many gamers know poor voice acting can make or break a game. Mass Effect 3 boasts a very impressive array of voice acting for humans and aliens alike. You don't feel like the voice actors are trying to hard, and they meld in to the

My hand holding my copy of the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3
My hand holding my copy of the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3

Mechanics 10/10

When you combine the impressive controls with impressive graphics and sound the game runs like a Cadillac. The loading screens aren't painfully long and I didn't feel like anything was overly glitchy. Your character moves smoothly and transitioning between action and dialogue is smooth and painless.

Replay Value 8/10

Again this could easily get a 10 out of 10, but the ending hurts it. It's not because the ending isn't great, but because there is a sense of, “Do I want to go through all of this again for that ending?”. It's not enough to keep me from wanting to go through the game again (Or several more times for that matter), but it is a thought that crosses my mind when considering a second play through, so in all fairness it does hamper the score.

Like the previous installments however the strength of replay comes from a desire to know what will play out differently if you do things differently. That adds a lot of potential to replay.

The front cover of the metal case that contains the disc in my Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition
The front cover of the metal case that contains the disc in my Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition

Ingenuity 10/10

From the beginning Mass Effect has always been a unique concept and there really isn't another series of games that are truly similar enough to compare. It really has the perfect mix of RPG and Shooter to bridge a divide between two different game styles that was truly never bridged before. While this is something did with similar success in the 2nd installment I felt like it still counted for Mass Effect 3. In Mass Effect 3 they took it a step further and included game modes where you could play the entire game as intended, play through the storyline with minimal fighting, or play with lots of fighting with minimal story.

As I mentioned earlier you have the option of carrying your decisions from the first and second game in to the third game. This alone earns a lot of points with me. I don't know of another game that does this.

Dollar vs. Time 10/10

As I said it took me about 40 hours to get through the regular story mode. I paid $80 for the collector's edition. That works out to $2 an hour on one play through. Since then I've put in at least that much time on multiplayer so $1 an hour and I can assure you I will go through at least another 40 hour run so that will make the value even better.

The Bonus Points

Download Content + 8

There was some more controversy with this game having down-loadable content that you had to buy on release day. I personally didn't have a problem with this, and the downloads were really good. They've also announced some more down-loadable content in the works to offer some additional closure for the ending, but I'm not giving any points for that until it's released and I've played it.

Co-op + 2

While there isn't a Co-op mode for storyline, the multiplayer mode is all Co-op and it is great.

Multi-player + 5

This is beyond any doubt my personal favorite and most addictive multiplayer I've ever played. I've done Call of Duty and Halo, but none of them compared to Mass Effect 3's. You play with up to four other people in Co-operative survival mode with occasional objectives.The customization options, multiple classes with multiple abilities, and unlock-able equipment makes it even more addicting.

Other + 2

I'm going to give it another 2 points for how much I enjoyed the multiplayer. I feel like it deserves it.

114 Total Points.... Mass Effect 3 is Legendary

Again I welcome all and any feed back, assuming it's appropriate, but I don't see anyway that someone could change my opinion on this game. As far as I'm concerned it's one of the greatest games ever made and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Yes I said anyone. Grandmas and house cats could probably find joy in this game if they were willing to give it a chance. However, there are many people that will never give it a fair shot, but that is just their loss. Yes I mentioned a few minor things that could have been better, but the greatness of the rest should really overshadow all of that. Mass Effect 3 shall forever remain one of my favorite games.

Do you agree with my review of Mass Effect 3?

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