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Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games - X-Men: Destiny

Updated on May 15, 2012
My copy of X-Men: Destiny
My copy of X-Men: Destiny

Information and Summary of the Game...

Style: Action Role-Playing

Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS

Platform I played on: Xbox 360

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Silicon Knights

Brief summary of game...

Basically the player chooses from 3 random people, and that character gets caught up in a war between the X-Men, the Brotherhood, and a group of anti-mutant humans. The player has to choose a side between the X-Men and the Brotherhood while trying to stop the bad guys.

Summary of My Review Method

I can assure you that these will be my honest opinion I'm going to try to get detailed and try to present a total picture of the game. Of course this will be completely based off of my opinion so that doesn't mean that you will feel the same way. I would love to hear how people feel about my review whether they agree or not, and everyone is welcome to leave their opinions in the comment section of the review.

My system has 10 sections worth 10 points. 100 total. I also include 4 bonus sections worth 25 points.

The games total score is based on the combination of all of these points. For a more detailed explanation of my system for reviewing video games see my hub... Some Random Hillbilly Reviewing Video Games – My Method For Reviewing Video Games

Fun 4/10

I almost rated this as a 5 but it just gets so repetitive. The basis of the game is kind of fun, but it is hideously repetitive.

Storyline 2/10

When you put in a game that includes beloved characters from your childhood you expect them to live up to it and have an incredible story. This game just didn't live up to that at all. The only saving grace was that it was based around the X-Men. Just the idea that this random person develops powers and within a short time is good enough to take on Wolverine, Magneto, and The Juggernaut is just dumb.

The other problem with the storyline is that the decisions you get to make don't seem like they really have an effect on the story.

Storyline Depth 2/10

Again the storyline just wasn't good. The character I played as had an anti-mutant father and was having daddy issues throughout the game that somewhat tied in to the story. The problem with this is I just didn't feel any reason to actually care about the character. The overall storyline was basically a human group being evil towards mutants and the X-men and Brotherhood trying to stop them. They threw in one twist, but by the time I got to it I just didn't care at all.

Length 6/10

The game can be ran through in a few hours. This was a good call because it's really hard to sit down and play for an extended period of time without getting bored. If it was a really fun game it probably would have been too short, but as it stands the time to get through it is about where it should be.

Controls 6/10

The combat controls aren't bad. They are hideously repetitive but they aren't bad. The problem is that you can use the same few combos over and over to effectively make it through the game. The jumping and climbing they saw fit to throw in just to annoy the player is a different story. The screen moves strangely when you are jumping from ledge to ledge and every so often you will simply miss your jump because your character will jump out toward the camera instead of up to the next ledge. Then you get to start over from the bottom which gets super annoying super fast.

Graphics/Sound 4/10

The graphics weren't terrible however all of the characters looked like crap. The X-Men looked hideous.Wolverine looked like a troll... nuff said.

Inside the X-Men Destiny Case
Inside the X-Men Destiny Case

Mechanics 4/10

As I mentioned the controls weren't bad however the repetitiveness is horrendous. All of the climbing was horrendous. You fight the same 4 or 5 types of enemies from beginning to end with the exact same move sets over and over.

Replay Value 4/10

While I have no burning desire to go back through the game again, it does strike a few points in replay value because the other power sets offer a small intrigue to see what they are like. I have a feeling I wouldn't even make it halfway through a second play before deciding to give up.

Ingenuity 2/10

There was really nothing new about this game. It didn't break any new ground in a stand out way. Unfortunately, because it came across as an X-Men RPG it set the bar high for itself, and just didn't deliver.

Dollar vs. Time 5/10

I only paid $20 for this game but that was probably about $10 too high in my opinion.

The Bonus Points

Download Content 0

None that I'm aware of

Co-op 0

None that I'm aware of

Multi-player + 0

None that I'm aware of

Other + 0

I really can't come up with any particular reason to give this game any bonus points.

39 Total Points... X-Men: Destiny Just Doesn't Deliver

It just wasn't a very good game. It might be worth picking up for super cheap to save back for a rainy day, but I wouldn't go in to it with great expectations because it just won't deliver. It's highly repetitive which maybe would be alright because it is an X-Men game, but the X-Men aspect doesn't deliver. The characters don't feel like the classic X-Men characters we have all come to love. They seem very generic and disappointing. The characters you choose from don't seem any better, and the idea that your character becomes strong enough to battle along side the X-Men in the short time span of the game is ridiculous. Overall it's not the worst game ever, but it really just didn't deliver.

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    • Phillbert profile image

      Phillip Drayer Duncan 5 years ago from The Ozarks

      Lol Thanks!

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      SelenaLyn 5 years ago

      I loved the title of this. Epic.