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Some experience needs to know in order to improve the skills gunner

Updated on April 5, 2016

There are many questions posed when they play gunner, for example, when I should play actively, and when I should play defense. What will play better? Does it improve climbers helped me better?

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Let me share with you some tips to improve skills offline.

These skills should be used to shape surf better defense

Said it has made many people seem a bit misleading, but the skills used to surf the best form in the case of keeping the position. In many situations, these skills can be used to form surfers chasing the enemy, so in this case it is not a defense.

There are those who play using correspondent Tristana Rocket Jumping to attack. Sometimes it is good, but put yourself in danger will not help you get better anywhere. Remember that.

However, in the tense game, where you do not have a lot of scenes, scenes of fighting broke out repeatedly, remember that skills surfing format used to hold the position, to the defense and escape. All these skills are surfing the format does not bring much damage, so you do not have to add one little thought, the more damage that good, absolutely wrong.

If beaten too much, play slowed

That is the basic thing that all players have to understand. If the opponent is in the lead, play slowed down instead of trying aggressive and distance continues to be stretched.

Keep in mind one thing in mind, rather to enemy soldiers farm, not to let his farm.

If enemy soldiers than you 30 indicators, we will more than your money worth by about 2 defeats network.This means that the enemy will completely overwhelm the lower road. But if you let them kill and eat another 2 network again, we will over the network value by approximately 4 defeats, and this time they will overwhelm the remaining three lines and equipment in the amount outstanding. By all have club-club-but it was not to defeat the enemy.

1 gunner's tasks in fighting that is causing the damage as much as possible, rather coward survived from beginning to end without one blow-profile attacks often.

Plug the run, which is what a lot of shooters often encounter this elementary error. Your skills are not bad, but you have no experience. It would be better if you can play many positions, help you better understand the skills of the other generals.

Games rated by Lucian is 500, you can use Access Along cessation (E) to surf to, but would put in jeopardy.Skills should use the form surfer to retreat, it is the safest way. However, if the players have experience, you can glide across like this will help you both end positions, has been an enemy attack better. That is the experience drawn from the match.

Where Can eg (E) by Xin Zhao has cooldown take 12 seconds, you can take advantage of the time he lost his skills to discharge a projectile, not plug the run in panic, just because Xin Zhao rushed to his assistance?Or such as Zed, last moves of Zed Mark Indies Death latency of about 0.5 seconds, then he will appear behind your back. If you know it, you can push back his Great Uncle immediately instead of variable speed and jumps on his shadow.

In addition, the focus on skills-oriented control of the enemy as the thresh the Death Penalty, Kiss of Ahri Wind will help you better discharge bullets. You can learn through the previous post for more.

Understand who your support

Personally I do not play support, and this is quite bad if you play shooters, I think. As I said, want to know about a certain general, you have to use and play in a long time.

Do not know what is sometimes understandable, be sympathetic to each other offline.

If you switch from the road on the> bottom line, your play will be very aggressive but in the direction alone, in other words, selfishness. If you switch from the midline> bottom line, the play will towards calculating multiple, sometimes true, but sometimes too many calculations lead to missed opportunities. It is the personal share that I have learned. Of course it is not true for all cases. But it would be better that you can play different positions. Especially if the game supports + gunner, you can understand his pair, when to hit and when to retreat.

Eg Janna, she is one relatively general support diversity in both attack and defense. With skill and control Wind West Wind Gust, Janna can actively hold back the enemy in coordination with the forest people, even as the exchange moves with the enemy when triggered Mat. What about the ability to underwrite, needless to say about the "hegemony" of the wind season ahead. So if Janna understand, when you play shooters and support is Janna, you can know when to hit, when the skills of the team back, or back on the attack, the decision important will be drawn from your own experience.

Final tables

Numbers do not lie, right? Therefore, your performances are, the numbers will open up in the final tables.Sometimes it does not accurately reflect what you have done, but the majority is right.

If the gunner and the line between cause the most damage is more, the winner will grip in hand.

As noted above, the task of the gunner's damage as much as possible, similar to the midline. So open tables, the line "caused damage to the generals' ranks 3rd or 4th, you should practice more. Damage is too low, you should play more active, more attacks instead of retreating. Many shooters play too safe, they can complete the task is the last survivor of the fighting, but the damage done is too low leads to fighting fails completely.


There's a saying that we can repeat: "Playing to improve skills, not to win." Of course, the more fine win, but sometimes you need to know what to do and do, then you can not win.


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