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Skyrim Special Edition Mods for PS4 (Pt. 1)

Updated on November 8, 2016

Skyrim Special Edition

First off, Skyrim Special Edition for the PS4 is amazing in my opinion. This game was first released for the PS3 on November 11, 2011. That was about five years ago, and now they remastered it for the PS4 and it is like a whole new game. While the quests and general gameplay are still the same, the graphics and realistic look to the game really bring you into it. The sound, visual effects and the fact that PS4 allows you to share video and photos with friends make it worth getting. When you add the fact that Sony finally allowed for mods to be used on this game, it makes for additional material to be added and thus making the game great all over again.

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As with any mods, all of these can cause minor glitches and will sometimes cause the game to crash. I suggest making a backup file before you download anything (which the game does anyways) and also SAVE OFTEN. Another thing, do not try to pick up too much, even if you are given more carry weight, because it causes the game to run very slow and sometimes crash. As the game says, play with these at your own risk.

Just about any player made houses...

This would be hard to name all the mods that use player-created houses and go into details on what they offer, but these are some of my favorites. Most of the time they work perfectly, with only one or two of them resetting themselves. The time and effort these people put into the houses they make are enough to earn a shout out of respect, but the things they put in the houses are even better. From extra storage space to enough manikins to store every combination of armor you can think of, these houses provide not only a place to immerse yourself into the game, but also a place to keep your items when you simply must have everything you find! Weapon racks, chests, manikins, trap doors, secret entrances, and much more await anyone who downloads these mods into their game. The placement of the houses fits into the game as well, so they do not interfere with anything else. Here are a few honorable mentions:

- Dovahkiin Keep by Sharlikran (With a fast travel already in place, a must have for the Dragonborn.)

- Foxpaw Manor by Ar7ific1al (Looks amazing. Very hippie-like vibe to it. Also comes with an actual FOX!)

- Ivarsted Manor by bfnoDaniel (includes a great view, a follower, a merchant and much more.)

- Whitewind Cabin by xXxSyNc08 (very well organized, plenty of places to organize your things.)

- Lair of the Crimson Scar by DarthXile (a huge "lair" for anyone who is a vampire in the game, including vampire cattle, a coffin, and lots of bloody scenery, even vampire-like music.)

A lot more worth checking into as well, and more are being made on a daily basis. I suggest downloading as many player homes as you can fit on your memory space, as they are a very fun addition to the game.

New Races

That's right, these people invested time in making new playable races for Skyrim. Some are even available for use with NPCs or as followers. I have not seen any errors besides the occasional "gray face" with is usually fixed with updates and to me is not hard to look past. (So far I have only seen that with NPCs). Here are a few player-made races that I have used.

  • Half-Giants- This is my favorite to play so far. This race is half human, half giant. The creator of this race, MCarbonara, did a great job in my opinion of making this enormous race. The sheer fact you get to tower over other characters and stand almost as tall as a regular giant in the game makes it pretty fun already, but then add the fact that you start off with 500 carry weight and extra strength and you feel like a giant for sure. You get a boost to two handed, and your heavy armor gets a slight boost. Your health starts at 250, as does your stamina. However, to be fair it does have some weaknesses. You won't be using much magic, and you only start off with 15 magica (giants are not meant to be magic users in the game). But on the other hand, you have high magic resistance. The recent update added Half Frost-Giants and Half Fire-Giants, which do use magic.Note: From my experience, it is very hard to sneak and not be seen as a giant (which makes sense). Might make the first Thieves Guild mission really hard to complete.
  • Halfling- The opposite of the half-giant, this race is about the height of children in Skyrim. This was made by the same creator as the half-giant, but instead of towering over anyone in the game, they all tower over you. The first-person camera is set perfectly to the lower height of the race as well. Sneaking is of course easier and starts off at level 20, and they also are given night-eye, which can be useful in the dark. They are given a boost to stamina as well. On the negative side, they can not carry as much (because they are so tiny!) and two-handed is disabled because of their size as well.
  • Half-Ogre- I have not used this one yet, but since it was made by the same creator I plan on using it. It is a bit shorter than the half-giant but seems to be made for the warrior playing style. I will likely talk more about this when I use it, as I plan on doing another article in the future on additional mods.
  • Dremora-Created by Renmus_, this allows you to play as those dreaded Dremora. The male versions have horns and the females do not, but both look just as hideous (yet wonderful) in their own way. As I have not played with this race just yet (only looked at it in creation mode) I do not know if it has any benefits or weaknesses other than the regular. The only problem that I have seen that may occur is some minor errors when becoming a vampire, but I am sure it is being worked on.
  • Snow Elf- That's right. Thanks to creator romangoss, you can play as those Snow Elves that you meet during the game. I personally always wanted that as an option, and hope to see more of them in the game (though if it follows the lore they might be rare, so that's fine too). This same creator made Deep-Elves as well, but I have yet to try it out.
  • Cauldrian- While I have not played as one myself, I have seen the followers in the game that are of this race and they look awesome. With bright colored hair and skin, they almost appear to be glowing. The follower can also be made into a steward in your home, which is pretty near. They have the abilities to resist fire and shock, and they come with their own weapon with is pretty cool.

There are other new races too, but I have yet to download and try them out. I will have to update it in part two, and likely add even more as they are continuously created.

New Weapons/Armor

Some of my favorite things to use are the new weapons. Most are not overpowered (OP) but some are a bit stronger than others. Usually, they will let you know, but most are set with stats that are equal to that of weapons and armor already in the game (minus the god armors, which I will get to). They have katana crafting, the ability to craft the emperor's robes for yourself, new and powerful crossbows and regular bows, barbarian gear, ash spawn weapons, special amulets and much more. I won't make a list here, since it would be quite long, but these mods add more items to the game and don't interfere with the gameplay too much.

"God" Gear

This is more for my wife, or those who enjoy the game but do not enjoy the combat. These mods will give you gear that can kill any enemy in one hit and never run out of charge, gear that makes you immortal, and gear that gives you so much magic, health and stamina that you will never run out. I have literally watched her jump off a mountain and live. If you enjoy immortality in the game, there is a various amount of god gear out there for you to do just that. Not only will you be immortal, but all your magic and other stats can be increased too. Note: Some mods also place trap doors for the "QASmoke" test room, this allows you to go into a place with testing items. Do not pick up the testing items, it will crash the game. However, you can get any gear in the game, as well as any keys, spells, scrolls and any other items in the game. If it is a quest item however, it will just be a copy usually. You will still need to find the items for the quest.

Extra Spells/Scrolls

This is one of my favorite things about the mods. There have been additional spells and even the ability to craft your own scrolls added by many mod creators. Phenderix has created several of these, one of which gives you a chest that has over 350 new spells! While some of these are overpowered and can kill with one blow, and a few of them do not work well on PS4, at least 90% of them seem to work just fine. Not only can you have new spells, such as a spell to cast boulders at an enemy, spells that mix the elements (firefrost, firespark, frostspark, ect), but they also added the ability to summon basically anything on the game. You can summon any type of dragon (if you have the space), a giant (even a frost giant!), a vampire lord...or a rabbit or a deer. There are also mods that allow you to summon more than just one or two things, so you can literally make an army of whatever you want (I'd recommend no more than ten though, or it may crash). I for one love to summon things in the game, especially when I am outnumbered, so this is a lot of fun for me. Not to mention new spells such as blood magic, darkness magic and much more. Note: There is one called "Prime Evil", that is basically a giant vampire lord engulfed in flames...not sure what he is, but he will kill anything and everything you go against. Even if just to see him, you might want to try it, though it tends to crash at times.

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In conclusion...

There is a lot more I can say about just the mods made for Skyrim alone. There are chests with amulets that give you ultimate power...and even a chest with books that will level all your skills to 100 and let you level your character up past level 100 before you even really get started in the game. Some may not like these mods because they make the game too easy, but you don't have to use them. Other mods, such as additional races and extra weapons, do not really affect the gameplay other than adding more to it. If you pick the ones that suit you, it can make Skyrim a lot more interesting. There are literally hundreds being made and each day it seems like at least 20 or 30 more come up on the list, so I would suggest looking into it. Even if you do not use mods, Skyrim is one of the best games of all time, at least in my opinion. If you have not played it yet (which might be odd if you read this far) I suggest doing so as soon as possible. Anyhow, enjoy your gaming and feel free to comment if you have any favorite mods or anything you enjoy doing on the game!

Buy this game!

If you have not played Skyrim, you are missing out. It is a must have for any gamer. It is full of quests that you can literally spend years doing. You can beat the main quest, think you are done, and then you run into even more side quests to keep you busy for hours. The special edition for PS4 makes the game even better, because besides killing dragons, fighting giants, and a number of other things you can do...the scenery is amazing. With the new remastered graphics it is very beautiful. Also, this edition finally allows mods for the PS4! You gotta try this out! Even if you played it on PS3, with these mods and it being remastered, it is like brand new again!

© 2016 A C Miller


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    • A C Miller profile image

      A C Miller 10 months ago

      Agreed. So many have been added and a lot are by requests. This game is amazing and the fan base is great too!

    • CYong74 profile image

      Cedric Yong 10 months ago from Singapore

      The Skyrim community is truly so reliable and loyal. Just days and already that number of mods.